What is Concave – The Cult of Concave


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What is Concave?

Concave is not a cult, it’s a DAO, I mean cooperative, a discord community where it’s all about proof of work. What’s the difference you ask? Concave is an OMH fork on Ethereum. What really, is concave though?! Skip this next italicized paragraph if you know…

So OHM (algorithmic stablecoin that maintains a floating market-driven price without the 1:1 dollar collateral backing)*ahem* OHM has it’s forks and concave is another fork except they claim to be a ‘spoon’…, a different version, still based on OHM’s algorithms but with a friendly-ish approach, like a spoon, no sharp tips that hurt/stab I guess? Concave’s goal is to change the whole DAO element to OHM forks and become a cooperative where helping each other as a community of investors is the goal. While this all sounds great as an idea, it’s an experiment still in progress. Check out their website if you’re already itching to join, learn about what exactly is Concave ,here ya’ go https://concave.lol/

Upon joining the concave discord there’s not much for a newcomer to find but a bunch of arguments over who lost what discord role, why their proof of work hasn’t been reviewed and a new role granted, or just how to navigate the complex and at times purposefully convoluted community of (84) channels…and those are just the channels a simple ‘Miner’ like me could see.

Concave Community is Welcoming

microuzi – Concave Discord #memes – What is Concave

Some of this journey has brought me back to when I twice briefly joined those pyramid scheme-esque groups, selling specific products out the back of your trunk type groups. Everyone at those seminars seemed… a little too hyped to be there, running on some insane hopium, and totally convinced ‘this is the way.’. Everyone who hasn’t already left these types of groups after seeing the big picture is deep to their necks with their investment whether it’s been time or money and the only way out they can see is continuing to move forward. Not that being up to your neck in an investment is bad… I’d love to be able to swim in gold pellets. But when you spend hours trying to get rewarded to then be left in limbo whether your work was all for naught …. It sounds a lot like a nightmare, not an investment.

OptionDealer -Concave Discord #memes
ChefYaboyardi(🌳,🌳)  – Concave Discord #memes

Pluses of the Concave Community

Now I’ve painted this community as nothing but pain though, they are helpful, and it has its fun bits, there are some great people and wonderful ideas from a continually evolving and developing community cooperative. I mean, a whole channel dedicated just to saying wagmi… and another channel just for throwing up a prayer hands emoji?! I love it! The roles you can aspire to are interesting, unique, and can match your skill set. If you’re an artist, go for that role and do what you do! A model (chad/chadette)? There’s a role for you if you post enough selfies for the community! Are you good at trolling or good at putting trolls in their place? There’s roles for you too! The development they’ve put into the community infrastructure is immense and interesting, complex as any up and coming society should be. Engaging the community helps us discover exactly what is Concave.

Despite the intriguing intricacies of concave, I couldn’t help but feel disturbed by the drama. Maybe I joined at the wrong time during a larger wave of growth, maybe it’s always been a bit rough, either way it’s going to get worse and more out of control if things don’t change. There’s been a lot of talk amongst the concavians if they’re getting access to the whitelist in anticipation of the launch of their concave toke and this has brought some stress and tension along for the ride. Some more of an overall genuinely welcoming attitude is much needed for newbies like me stepping into the cave for the first time to learn what is Concave. There seems to be a very unwelcoming attitude from some of the ‘OG’s’ and it’s poisoning the pot for the great majority that will dare ask a frequently asked question. There is a sense of bloodthirst in the air, especially if you dare copy someone’s ‘researched proof of work’ in the #alpha or psyops channel.

WannaParties – Concave Discord #memes

I did very much enjoy some of the more philosophical and wild goose chase work the community asks you to prove; forcing you to really think about life, and what it means to work together. It might stir up some culty vibes, but more so like the vibes you get with a tight knit group of friends, friends so close they feel like family. Alas, those vibes have not been strong enough to keep me, I mean, it’s just too much damn proof of work, I have a job and other discords, and family that are already vies for my attention when my face isn’t glued to my phone. So concave, let’s just keep it to tea and coffee every once and a while to check-in, and see how it’s going.

So far, February 2nd-9th (2022) seems to be the date range for the potential presale of their token for the dedicated group that made the whitelist. For now, this cooperative feels more like a communist-operative vibe where freedom is questionable… though I’m looking forward to the incoming spoon and I hope you join the discord for yourself, oh and ‘don’t forget to sync’…

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