More Ways to Purchase Bitcoins


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Ways to Purchase Bitcoin

It is advisable you get the true nature of the person in charge and that resource is readily present. Since there is no regulation when it comes to services rendered by Bitcoin, it still goes on despite the fact that it is known to not trust worthy and there may be no constant online updates. Keeping huge amounts of money with other people and untrusted exchanges is not advisable.


Pay Pal cannot be used to purchase Bitcoins rightly simply because for the person selling it is dangerous. So, this will not be used by some sellers. The 2 reasons are:

•    A seller cannot argue when someone who buys a bitcoin does a chargeback

•    A chargeback is carried out when Pay Pal discovers that accounts have been hacked

•    What competes with Pay Pal is the bitcoin network. Pay Pal does away with accounts that have connections with Bitcoins. Their balances are even frozen.

Although transaction fees are high, something can take place to purchase Bitcoins using Pay Pal. Through the exchange method, you can purchase SLL using Pay Pal which can be changed to Bitcoins.

You will be charged about 6% for transaction fees but you can buy Bitcoins fast instead of transferring via wire. This method is effective because Bitcoins are not bought using Pay Pal outrightly, you can purchase SLL using Pay Pal and change SLL with Bitcoin.


On websites like Plus500 using Pay Pal, CFD’s can be traded on Bitcoin to partake in its price volatility. This can be dangerous when trading online and it’s better for traders that are not novices.

Credit Card

Cubits: this all in one platform is used for selling, purchasing and collecting Bitcoin. It is easy to operate and enables users purchase and sell it quickly using 17 currencies that are supported.

VirWox: this method compared to other options is quicker although transaction fees are more. This exchange method allows the use of important credit cards which can be changed to Bitcoin. SLL can also be bought.

To buy Bitcoins using your credit card, CoinMama enables you to make use of Western Union. The US doesn’t offer this service.

Bank Transfer

Strictly for the US Only!! Through any bank account based in the U.S, bitcoins can be bought and sold quickly. All that is required is a number you route, an account number visible on a check. You can connect your credit card to your account. Coinbase serves as a wallet that stores bitcoin as soon as it is bought. It is suitable for newbies just starting to know about bitcoin. This site enables customers to purchase Bitcoin using transfer through bank wire. In the How to buy page, you’ll see details on the various modes of payments.

Bittylicious lets clients buy Bitcoins through the use of an easy interface. Clients should just input their Bitcoin address including email address and select the number of coins they need. To buy more bitcoins, clients can sign up and verify. What is accepted is Mister Cash, bank transfers etc.

BitBrothers LLC enables clients and people that use bitcoins buy it either through money orders, or MONEYGRAM to a location that is specified. Money can be saved in any of the businesses accounts by Bitcoiners thus raising time of the transaction to lower than an hour. These payment modes are present to allow for anonymity and guide the bitcoins principles. The option of BANK TRANSFERS for some clients will be ready soon. BitBrothers LLC ensures that every client will be happy with their excellent customer experience and will also proffer discounts to choose clients.

Kraken enables true users to purchase and sell bitcoin through EUR and USD by using transfer through the wire. When transferring, other currencies can be changed to EUR or USD. Orders determine the market since Kraken is in the form of an exchange. enables sellers mix with buyers through depositing money. With your bitcoin and email address, bitcoin can be bought and delivered once deposit is gotten. with these vouchers, bitcoins can be purchased. Shopping online thrill is easy and vouchers will reach your doorpost. It serves as a guide to redeem vouchers and receive your initial bitcoins which can serve as a good gift as well.

Belgacoin enables you to purchase bitcoins through SEPA transfer. It is quick, safe and less expensive. It doesn’t require registration and for now, it’s a service charge free.

Bitalo allows you purchase Bitcoins from someone else. If you use the same bank as the person, bitcoins can be gotten instantly. By addresses that have many signatures, the transaction is safe and Bitalo serves as a platform. Bitcoins purchased can be kept by using a secure signature Bitcoin wallet or your address free of charge.

Asia Nexgen: enables clients purchase Bitcoin through transfer by wire. From Hong Kong, they are registered by law. They possess an operator license given by customs department in Hong Kong.most fiat currencies are supported including CHF, JPY, NZD, USD, EUR. A promotion transaction fee is presently running.


Local Bitcoins enables those who buy and sell and of close proximity to interchange Bitcoins via several means like Skrill, wire transfer etc. Local Bitcoin proffers a Bitcoin resource that keeps money till the transaction is full which reduces theft. enables sellers mix with buyers through depositing money. With your bitcoin and email address, bitcoin can be bought and delivered once deposit is gotten.

BitBrothers LLC also operate using this.

Asia Nexgen: enables clients purchase Bitcoin and save in their Australian accounts.  From Hong Kong, they are registered by law. They possess an operator license given by customs department in Hong Kong.most fiat currencies are supported including CHF, JPY, NZD, USD, EUR. A promotion transaction fee is presently running.

It was in February 2014, in Sai Ying Pun which is the very first Bitcoin shop that the company planned on opening it. Bitcoins for money will be bought by clients who provide a form of identity and address proof for anti-money offenses.

The very first ATM by Bitcoin came to Hong Kong by the company. To make use of it, client verification will be made. They will also use their Bitcoin wallet code to deposit.

BitXoin: in Australia, you can purchase Bitcoin either by deposit in the bank or buying online. It’s fast to process, reference is not high and commissions are reduced.

Bitcoin in Australia: on the counter, you can pay at branches of local banks. This enables clients to use the money to pay at unions in charge of credit that agree with shared branching.

Personal Checks

This makes use of

Gift Card (US) enables you to purchase Bitcoin with either your MasterCard or Visa. The rate of exchange at is used when processing a client’s gift card within 24 hours. This is when most cards are worked on as long as they show an account number to verify.

Money Orders enables clients purchase Bitcoin using a personal check. Using a USPS Money Order assigned to the address and right amount, a request for purchase can be created. The how to buy page shows details of modes of payments.

Via IDeal (NL)

Bitonic enables you to purchase bitcoins using IDEAL.

HappyCoins enables you to purchase Bitcoins using IDEAL bank transfer.

BTCDirect enables you to purchase and sell bitcoins using iDEAL.

CleverCoin enables you to purchase and sell bitcoins through an exchange using SEPA bank transfer.

Josien enables you to purchase bitcoins as well as litecoins using iDEAL bank transfer.

Via MoneyGram

BitBrothersLLC purchase bitcoins using MoneyGram in any location in U.S.

Bitcoins can be purchased using either Western Union or MoneyGram through

Finding a direct seller online

If you see anyone that wants to sell to you, money can be transferred through payment method like Pay Pal then you’ll get the Bitcoins.

To see online direct sellers, websites like Local Bitcoins will come in handy. Beware of fraudsters when on the counter. Seek the help of someone you trust if you suspect anyone.

Physical Trading

Colorado BitBrothers LLC Local buy. MONEYGRAM is recognised.

Locally, you may see someone to purchase bitcoins. Ensure the person has lots of reviews.

From October 2013, ATMS for Bitcoins would have been put in place in Australia, Finland, Slovakia, UK etc. To locate a machine close to you, make use of a Bitcoin ATM Locator.

Price Comparison

BittyBot: this enables users to access several sellers of bitcoin and UK prices.


As a result of the increase in government policies and discrimination, purchasing bitcoins anyhow has been rampant.

Fear of being recognised at banks and through credit cards, options for anonymity are limited when purchasing bitcoins.

All forms of record like Fingerprints will be left out but are tools criminals can use to deceive any buyer of bitcoin.

From where you are, bitcoins can be bought anonymously irrespective of banking standards. Local buying with money aids being anonymous since the poorest link is through an exchange.

Lots of online sellers exchange Bitcoins for MoneyPak codes that can be purchased at a store with money. Putting money in the mail is another method of purchasing bitcoin with anonymity.


To see other exchanges, Market Exchanges

Scam Avoidance:

From old clients, you can get reviews. This is necessary before embarking on making use of any service; by searching on Google through the company name. Service reviews can be found on the Bitcoin forum.

Warning: Ensure you safeguard your money. When transferring funds to a seller, you are confident your money would not be hijacked by the person in charge and that he uses systems that are trustworthy to guard against indoor and outdoor fraud.


Buying bitcoins






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