Top Bitcoin Gambling Sites For 2017


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Top Bitcoin Gambling Sites For 2017

Bitcoin is a popular digital currency that is not acquainted with any country’s central bank. It is often referred to as a crypto-currency. The currency can be traded for goods and services with most businesses that accept digital currencies as a payment option. Gamblers and online gambling or gaming sites cherish Bitcoins in equal measure because it allows them to evade the nagging double currency conversions associated with other payment methods. Moreover, Bitcoin gambling sites have established that crypto-currency attracts new gamers due to its anonymity and high transaction speeds; a good reason to love it more. For the years that Bitcoin has been in use, it has proved to be useful to gamblers from countries where gambling is restricted or completely prohibited.

There are so many Bitcoin gambling sites that finding one that best suits your needs can prove to be a tall order. It’s easy to get lost in a myriad of online casinos and betting sites, all advertising enticing offers. We hope that this informative review will empower you to make an informed decision on which of the sites best suits your needs when it comes to choosing a Bitcoin gambling site to work with this year.

Advantages of Bitcoin Casino Gambling 

Bitcoin is a relatively new concept and there’s always something new to do with your Bitcoins by the days. The value of Bitcoins is always on the rise as more and more online ventures learn and appreciate the convenience that comes with crypto-currencies. You can now buy goods or enjoy services from a good number of online-based retailers and service providers using Bitcoins. One venture that has given Bitcoins more popularity like no other is the online gambling niche. When you play on Bitcoin Gambling sites, there are some advantages you enjoy over gamblers on non-Bitcoin sites. Here are some of the advantages of gambling on Bitcoin sites.

  • Better Odd Compared To Other Currency Based Online Casinos 

Bitcoin casinos gives better odds as compared to other currency based online casinos. This is a major attraction because every gambler loves big odds.

The big question would be, why do Bitcoin casinos have better odds? Every time a player deposits money into his online casino account from a credit card, a bank account or an e-wallet, the online casino is charged some transaction fee. The casino will often want to compensate for this payment processing fee through lower odds and lower bonuses offered to the players. Using Bitcoin, there are no processing fees charged on withdrawals and deposits and this translates to better odds and bigger bonuses for the players.

  • A wider Variety of Games 

A Bitcoin casino gives you a greater variety of games than a fiat currency casino. With Bitcoin casinos you will enjoy more slots and these slots could give you up to 100% in payouts. When it comes to table games, you will get just as many games as the fiat currency casinos but the Bitcoin casinos will often give you more version of popular table games like roulette and blackjack. In fact, you can check pick on any Bitcoin casino and scroll through it then do the same with a top fiat currency online casino and you will notice that any Bitcoin table game has more versions with better player return percentages than similar table games on other currency based online casinos.

  • Bitcoin Casinos are provably fair

When you play a casino game against a casino, you are basically playing a house edge and you can never establish how fair the game is. Bitcoin casinos are ‘’provably fair’’ which is a term for a relatively new cryptographic concept which lets you determine that the casino you are playing against does not have an upper hand in the game through unfair manipulation of the outcome of every game.

Top Bitcoin Gambling sites To Try Out in 2017 

There are Bitcoin gambling sites that operate on ‘’plug and play’’ concept. These sites won’t pester you about identity verifications, signing up or subscribing to their services. Others will require you to sign up with an anonymous account, with these you will have to register with an email address and set up a password. The last type of Bitcoin gambling sites will require you to sign up and verify your personal details before you deposit Bitcoins into your gambling account. Whichever you opt for, all Bitcoin gambling sites will assure you fast transactions, zero transaction fees and good odds.

  • Crypto Games

This is an authority brand among online gaming sites. Crypto Games gives high payouts and is provably fair. It also allows for other crypto currencies like altcoins.

  • Bitcoin video casino 

This is a bitcoin-only casino. It is provably fair and offers very high payouts of up to 99.6% in returns.


This is a bitcoin-only gambling site that has entertained millions of gamblers across the globe since 2015. It also allows for live dealer games so you can play and interact with other gamblers from all over the world.

  • Nitrogen Sports 

This is another fun Bitcoin-only gambling site. In addition to sports betting, you can play online table casino games like dice, poker and blackjacks.

  • Mars Casino 

Mars Casino is an online casino with a beautiful decorated gaming platform. It also has a good UI and allows for both fiat and Bitcoin currencies.

  • The Bitcoin Penguin 

Bitcoin Penguin is an online gambling site that requires users to sign up with email addresses before they can deposit Bitcoins into their gambling accounts.

  • Bitsarz

Bitstarz is a long-established gambling site that offers Bitcoin and fiat currencies entertainment. There exist more than 130 HD casino games to be played.

  • Mars Casino 

Mars Casino is an online gambling site with such a marvelous design. In this site you can either bet with fiat or Bitcoins currency. Mobile versions of Mars casino are also available for Android, iOs or Windows mobile O.S.

  • Café Casino 

Café Casino is beautifully designed to offer US based players the most value for their bitcoins. It serves up to 250 of the top elite games, guaranteed fast withdrawals, 24/7 customer service, and a user- friendly web site that is compatible with your mobile.

  • Ignition Casino 

Ignition Casino is another website that offers US players an advantage of a fully loaded poker room with over 200 casino games. The site boasts of a state-of-the-art software, user friendly design, instant payouts and 24/7 customer care support.

The value of Bitcoins is consistently on the rise as more retailers open their doors to it. Bitcoin itself has opened up more opportunities to how digital currencies can be used on the internet and Bitcoin gambling sites is one flourishing example. You can never go wrong with the gambling sites listed above. Before trying out a Bitcoin site that you are not so sure of, be sure to check that it is licensed and of good reputation because Bitcoin is real money.

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