kim dotcom bitcoin

Kim Dotcom Encourages Bitcoin

Kim Dotcom may be the best thing to happen to Bitcoin, or the worst. If you don’t know who he is, read his wikipedia. Basically, he’s a free internet kinda guy, a major entrepreneur. People argue that he’s encouraging piracy, but I would say he’s encouraging privacy in a world where every action is recorded. …

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IRS Coinbase Request

IRS Wants Information on CoinBase Users

IRS Requests Data on Coinbase Users In an ongoing IRS’s effort to fight tax evasion the Internal Revenue Service working with a federal court has forced Coinbase, a major bitcoin wallet service company to hand over personal information of their users. They’ve targeted those who have made transactions between the year 2013 to 2015. Another …

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Donald Trump Bitcoin Peter Thiel

Will Donald Trump Encourage Bitcoin with Peter Thiel?

Bitcoin Proponent Peter Thiel Appointed to Presidential Transition Team by Trump Donald J. Trump shocked the world as he assumed the role of leader of the free world in last Tuesday’s election. This happens amongst growing unrest about government abuse, primarily that Donald Trump will be President of the USA. Heightened levels of scrutiny have been put …

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