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Biggest Bitcoin Heist Theft

Biggest Bitcoin Heists

Biggest Bitcoin Heists Bitcoin has gained a notorious reputation since mainstream media caught wind of heists in 2009. Mt Gox scandalmay be one of the most infamous accounts, but there are plenty more examples. Billions of Bitcoin are still “missing” in todays economy, which may lead to the higher price. Bitcoin has been prone to …

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Bitstamp Exchange Theft: Trusting BTC Exchanges

Bitstamp Theft: Trusting Bitcoin Exchanges Since Bitstamp’s theft of 5.1$ million of bitcoin (~16,000 bitcoin), their shutdown response, and anticipated reopening, the bitcoin community, even the mainstream media couldn’t resist speculating¬†on the future of currency, bitcoin. The bitcoin which was stolen, was immediately recognized on and labelled at this address. It’s strange how the …

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