“Bearwhale” Makes Bitcoin Trading History

This sell order took place in the bitcoin market the past few trading days. indicators showed a large sell order this weekend. Blockchain (Bitcoin’s built-in ledger system) showed that a single sell of 30,000 Bitcoin all at once at a price of $300 per coin (or $9 million in total) took place. Many people have …

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Maximize Asset Allocation Holdings w/ Bitcoin

Optimize  your Portfolio’s Diversification utilizing Cryptocurrencies I see Bitcoin as another means to store a percentage of your overall portfolio allocation balance. Meaning, if you have several blocks of $10,000s (tens of thousands USD) as sideline capital, consider holding a few hundred dollars or up to even a thousand dollars , dare I say a …

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Reasons to Buy Bitcoin

Cryptocurrency offers Alternatives to Traditional Investments and Banking With Bitcoin’s Popularity Increasing, What’s the Hustle About? Bitcoin is new form of “currency” exploding onto the scene in recent years. Many would hardly consider bitcoin mainstream, and it isn’t, but more people are becoming familiar with the world. It’s easy to be misconstrued as there are many opinions about it out …

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