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Bitcoin Center NYC Moves Location

Bitcoin Center: NYC’s Bitcoin ATM Bitcoin Center Wall St – Exist No More! The Bitcoin Center NYC on 40 Board Street, blocks from Wall Street, has ceased its operations. It was one of the best ways to buy Bitcoin in person, if not the best way from what I can tell in New York. The rent …

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Will Ethereum over-shadow Bitcoin?

Ethereum is more than a Cryptocurrency Ethereum is a decentralized network, much like Bitcoin. It utilizes blockchain technology to do this. Ether is the main cryptocurrency of the Ethereum network. Ethereum was announced by Vitalik Buterin in 2013, with the network going active around July 2015. Ether was for sale prior to the launch, in order to “fund …

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Bitcoin Crime: Bitcoin Extortion on the Rise

Bitcoin Ransom Extortion an Increasing Problem 21st century Digital Extortions on the rise with Bitcoin at the Center Bitcoin Ransoms in Lieu of Duffle Bags of Cash One way people have been using or should I say misusing Bitcoins is through demanding ransoms from people with crypto coins as the payoff instead of a bag …

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Bitcoin Mining Scam: Butterfly Labs

ButterflyLabs is now under investigation by the FTC. http://www.ftc.gov/system/files/documents/cases/140923utterflylabstro.pdf I was always tempted to order the equipment from there many, many months ago. The allure factor was certainly present on a simple premise. Purchase a bitcoin miner then proceed to mine bitcoins with the miner and make more money mining the bitcoins than you …

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Paypal gives a nod to Bitcoin

Paypal mentions Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency Investors Rejoice (or go Ape Shit) A day after writing an article comparing, as many people do, the network and currency of bitcoin to credit processing companies such as paypal, amex, and others; Paypal releases a video that mentions Bitcoin. This almost certainly locks in many advantages of a reputable company, …

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