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Ledger Wallet: Introduction

With the growing popularity of various cryptocurrencies, particularly Bitcoin, I believe it is necessary to know where to keep your Bitcoin safely away from the prying eyes of cyber criminals. Ledger, one of the world’s most renowned hardware wallet manufacturers- the Ledger Nano S. I was tempted into buying it for myself, which I did, for …

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Trezor Review: Cutting Edge Hardware Wallet

Securing your Bitcoin is Essential, Trezor Makes it Easy The popularity of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies has increased sharply over the recent years. Because of the increased attention Bitcoin is quickly becoming a target for cybercriminals. It is for this reason that we must remain vigilant with regard to our Bitcoins and take all necessary …

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What is Bitcoin Cold Storage

Type of Bitcoin Cold Storage

What is Bitcoin Cold Storage? Bitcoin Cold Storage is a way to save your private key off an electronic device. A paper wallet simply stores the address and the private key for withdrawing bitcoin. This means that there are two QR codes, one for depositing and viewing the balance, the other, should be hidden, and …

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Bitlox indestructible cold storage wallet bitcoin

BitLox Introduces Indestructible Bitcoin Wallet

BitLox Starts Sales for Indestructible Bitcoin Wallet People are still hesitant to store any significant amount of cryptocurrency on exchanges due to past occurrences. Troubled by theft, privacy, and regulatory concerns, people are looking for alternatives to store their cryptocurrency investments. The most popular of these would be cold storage, or offline private key storage. …

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