Get Started with BItcoin

Getting Started with Bitcoin Storing, sending and receiving Bitcoin has never been easier! Get a Bitcoin Wallet A Bitcoin wallet is typically an app, website, or software that allows access to send Bitcoin. To help you choose a wallet, we have reviewed many wallets, discussing what makes each one unique, along with its target audience. …

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“Bearwhale” Makes Bitcoin Trading History

This sell order took place in the bitcoin market the past few trading days. indicators showed a large sell order this weekend. Blockchain (Bitcoin’s built-in ledger system) showed that a single sell of 30,000 Bitcoin all at once at a price of $300 per coin (or $9 million in total) took place. Many people have …

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dogecoin investment

Dogecoin: A Unlikely Cryptocurrency Investment Success

Dogecoin has been making the news lately since last Friday when the price reached 70 satoshi, to where it stands today at 105 satoshi, or 0.00000105 Bitcoin. This has equaled double digit gains in days, but will this be sustained growth. The overall market capitalization of Dogecoin has also taken the fifth spot today with …

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Edit (1/16/2015): is now defunct. If you want free bitcoin faucet reviews, check out our reviews on: Bitcoin Aliens – Quick 5 minute claims, withdraw payouts above 20,000 satoshi, overall very reliable! Moon Bitcoin – This unique faucet has payouts that increase with time, claim every 5 minutes or once a day, it will be the … Faucet Review | Free Bitcoin, Great Way to Get Bitcoin Read More »

Legitimate Cryptocurrency Investments: Cryptocurrency Fund

On September 25, 2014 SecondMarket launched the first USA based bitcoin fund (BIT). This is the first time, an American, can invest in Bitcoin, the volatile cryptocurrency, without actually purchasing it. The fund is known as the Bitcoin Investment Trust was created and is managed by the Alternative Currency Asset Management, owned by SecondMarket. This …

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Bitcoin Noteworthy Downturn Investment

Bitcoin a Noteworthy Investment During Downturn Some would say Bitcoin has had its day, “the profits are behind us” some say, “It’s too risky, and even if they had a consistently stable price, the coins themselves aren’t liquid enough.” While most ‘normal’ people would consider bitcoin a “sketchy and confusing”. Gina Sanchez said, in response …

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Reasons to Buy Bitcoin

Cryptocurrency offers Alternatives to Traditional Investments and Banking With Bitcoin’s Popularity Increasing, What’s the Hustle About? Bitcoin is new form of “currency” exploding onto the scene in recent years. Many would hardly consider bitcoin mainstream, and it isn’t, but more people are becoming familiar with the world. It’s easy to be misconstrued as there are many opinions about it out …

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What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the Future, but it’s not that simple Bitcoin is the largest (by volume and market cap), most popular cryptocurrency. Cryptography lies at the core of Bitcoin’s functionality. Unlike traditional currencies such as dollars, euros, pounds sterling, francs, Bitcoin are mined by the people, without any central authority. There are no governments, companies, or banks in charge of Bitcoin. …

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Cointerra Terraminer IV Review: Cream of the Crop, for NOW

Dedicated Bitcoin mining computers, aka ASIC (Application-Specific Integrated Circuit) Cointerra IV Setup for Bitcoin Mining The Cointerra IV was launched for public purchase in January of 2014. I recently got my hands on the early January Batch in the end of August. I am reviewing the miner as my experience with it as many people …

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