bitcoin regulations

Bitcoin Gambling Law

Bitcoin Gambling Law

Bitcoin, a digital currency, was created by a software developer named Satoshi Nakamoto to revolutionize online payments. Based on complex mathematical formulas, this electronically generated currency actually worked and has been in use for more than a decade now. Bitcoin Gambling Law Unlike all other currencies in the world, Bitcoin is neither printed nor controlled …

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Legaility of Bitcoin Around the World

Bitcoin takes the World by Storm Some 600 virtual currencies now exist around the world. Bitcoin has a market capitalization of more than $6.5 billion. Hopes are high for the currencies as both investment targets and low-cost methods of payment. Monetary authorities worldwide are setting out to regulate the technology, starting with measures to prevent …

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Coinbase Review: It’s not worth the trouble!

Coinbase Review: Regulations Tighten Demand, But Secure Users Coinbase Opens First Licensed Bitcoin Exchange in the US San Francisco bitcoin startup Coinbase has just opened one of the country’s first licensed bitcoin exchange. Coinbase may not be the very first registered exchange, but it’s the first highly visible since due to the VC money backing …

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