the Quest for Easy Money Continues on

    So as the quest for fast, quick, relatively easy money that also involves a few minutes worth of clicking labor to feel as it was not too easy and merited in someway continued I happened upon a website with the url  BTCJam: Peer to Peer Bitcoin LendingBTCJam: Peer to Peer Bitcoin Lending The … the Quest for Easy Money Continues on Read More »

Bitcoin Noteworthy Downturn Investment

Bitcoin a Noteworthy Investment During Downturn Some would say Bitcoin has had its day, “the profits are behind us” some say, “It’s too risky, and even if they had a consistently stable price, the coins themselves aren’t liquid enough.” While most ‘normal’ people would consider bitcoin a “sketchy and  confusing”. Gina Sanchez said, in response …

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Maximize Asset Allocation Holdings w/ Bitcoin

Optimize  your Portfolio’s Diversification utilizing Cryptocurrencies I see bit coins as a another means to store a percentage of your overall portfolio allocation balance. Meaning, if you have several blocks of $10,000s (tens of thousands USD) as sideline capital, consider holding a few hundred dollars or up to even a thousand dollars , dare I …

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Reasons to Buy Bitcoin

Cryptocurrency offers Alternatives to Traditional Investments and Banking With Bitcoin’s Popularity Increasing, What’s the Hustle About? Bitcoin is new form of “currency” exploding onto the scene in recent years. Many would hardly consider bitcoin mainstream, and it isn’t, but more people are becoming familiar with the world. It’s easy to be misconstrued as there are many opinions about it out …

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What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the Future, but it’s not that simple Bitcoin is the largest (by volume and market cap), most popular cryptocurrency. Cryptography lies at the core of Bitcoin’s functionality. Unlike traditional currencies such as dollars, euros, pounds sterling, francs, Bitcoin are mined by the people, without any central authority. There are no governments, companies, or banks in charge of Bitcoin. …

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Cointerra Terraminer IV Review: Cream of the Crop, for NOW

Dedicated Bitcoin mining computers, aka ASIC (Application-Specific Integrated Circuit) Cointerra IV Setup for Bitcoin Mining The Cointerra IV was launched for public purchase in January of 2014. I recently got my hands on the early January Batch in the end of August. I am reviewing the miner as my experience with it as many people …

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