Kim Dotcom Encourages Bitcoin


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Kim Dotcom may be the best thing to happen to Bitcoin, or the worst.

If you don’t know who he is, read his wikipedia. Basically, he’s a free internet kinda guy, a major entrepreneur. People argue that he’s encouraging piracy, but I would say he’s encouraging privacy in a world where every action is recorded. He is still under pressure from various governments concerning Megaupload. Megaupload was criticized for allowing people to share pirated videos, programs, and music. Why make the company responsible for what files are stored and shared on their servers? They are providing a service. Megaupload was shutdown in 2014, or something, please cite.

Promises Integration of Bitcoin

Bitcoin Magazine reports that Kim Dotcom’s Bitcache will utilize Bitcoin. It’s hard to say to what extent his services with integrate Bitcoin, but it is hopeful.

“Assuming Kim Dotcom can successfully launch BitCache and evade further governmental scrutiny, he may be one of the individuals to put Bitcoin on the global map.”


Kim Dotcom, a Controversial Figure

One of his companies, Megaupload, was notoriously shutdown in January 2012 amongst a witch-hunt by the Federal government to destroy piracy. Kim Dotcom is due for extradition to the USA, but has yet to arrive on the shores. His team of lawyers are hard at work preventing that from happening, as he has appealed multiple times.

Kim Dotcom, the Bitcoin Visionary

Kim Dotcom correctly predicted that Bitcoin will easily surpass $2000. He was quoted with saying that it would happen by 2018, now here we are in 2017. His common themes of an overreaching government, privacy concerns have significant parallels with Bitcoin. He has become a figurehead for cryptocurrency, advocating for it since 2015.

Kim Dotcom trusts Bitcoin so much that he believes everyone will use cryptocurrency in the future as referenced in his recent tweet:

KimDotcom may be a polarizing figure, but has great hopes for Bitcoin. it is difficult to ascertain what he will do with his knowledge of it, but it may be promising enough to help Bitcoin reach a larger audience.

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