Jaxx Wallet Review: The Standard for Android Ethereum Wallets


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Jaxx Bitcoin Wallet Review

jaxx ethereum ether wallet review

Ethereum is becoming a more desirable altcoin, Jaxx made a wallet that brings Ether to everyone!

The Jaxx wallet is quickly becoming the standard for Ethereum/Bitcoin Wallets

With the explosion of interest in Ethereum, it was only nature for us to purchase some, but where to store them? We quickly found many recommending the Jaxx wallet by KryptoKit. I quickly downloaded it, used shapeshift.io to exchange Bitcoin for Ether, sending it to my new wallet for testing.

Jaxx promises to integrate its wallet with all platforms, from android to Windows, and everything in between, including Blackberry(?!)

Is Jaxx great or what?

Ethereum Wallet

As one of the few  Ether Wallets on the market, there isn’t much competition. Jaxx has even added smart contract features through the send ability, although I won’t be using it for the time being. Since Jaxx is a beta application, it’s recommended not to store more than one can afford to loose. Jaxx seems to be designed for beginners and experts alike. With it’s intuitive swipe interface, it’s easy to switch between wallets. Right now it’s bare-bones, coming with all the Bitcoin wallet features, and Ether integration! Jaxx has a strong community and features will be added quite quickly. They even teased shapeshift.io integration, just like Coinomi. Coinomi is also promising to add Ethereum wallet integration soon as well.

Jaxx is one of the few Ethereum wallet apps on the market. It’s free, open-source, and delightfully simple to use. The most recent release is beta 0.16 available on Android, although the site states it’s available on iOS, Mike hasn’t found it on the app store. Supposedly, Apple has been blacklisting bitcoin wallets, yes it’s an old article.


This brilliantly simple interface consists of two screens, which can be switched by swiping back and forth. This switches the user between their Bitcoin and Ethereum wallet, making it simple to send/receive from either cryptocurrency in one convenient app!

Jaxx Ethereum/Bitcoin Wallet Features

  • Backup
    Backup is simple, quick, and relatively easily. Just like other HD wallets, all that’s required is to write the master mnemonic onto a piece of paper. This allows the wallet to be recovered if the phone is lost/destroyed. Simply enter the mnemonic on the new device to restore the private keys.
  • Device Pairing
    Device pairing is simple for those who want to use two devices with the same wallet. Simply go to tools and use the device pairing to display the pairing code and enter into the secondary device. This is good for backup phones, so there’s no lapse in ability to use the wallet.
  • Paper Fund Import
    Jaxx allows paper wallet/private key import to transfer funds to Jaxx wallet. It accepts encrypted keys such as BIP38 for Bitcoin, and AES for Ethereum. Storing private keys from paper wallets is a breeze, simply scan and save. This makes it simple to move funds from a cold wallet to a hot one, like Jaxx. This makes it easy to save funds offline, while taking the ones needed to be spend easily accessible.

The Future of Jaxx

At the time of writing Kryptokit has promised Apple iOS, Windows desktop, Apple desktop, BlackBerry mobile and Linux apps/programs. This is part of their plan to integrate their wallets and make them run cohesively between platforms. Jaxx looks promising so far.

Jaxx is Beta, so test as your own caution, but it looks promising so far

[su_button url=”https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/kryptokit-bitcoin-wallet/lhhipingoaiddcoalochnbjlkifbpmoj?hl=en” target=”blank” style=”3d” background=”#36B373″ size=”5″ wide=”yes” center=”yes” icon_color=”#1AA049″ text_shadow=”0px 0px 0px #000000″ title=”h1″]Download Jaxx for Android[/su_button]

Jaxx is the best Ether Wallet available!
  • Features - 9/10
  • Ease-of-Use - 10/10
  • Reliability - 6/10

CryptoCrooks Verdict

Although currently in Beta, it is clear the development team is looking to compete with major player, Mycelium. Although Mycelium is propeitary, Jaxx is not. The open source nature of it allows great versatility, possible branches, and engages community support and feedback.
Jaxx is feature-rich Ethereum wallet.
Features 9/10
Jaxx has the most useful features in a simple to use package!
Ease of Use 10/10
Jaxx makes it easy to backup, scan private keys, send, and receive Bitcoin/Ether.
Reliability 6/10
This is kind of unknown, but every feature we tested worked. It is beta, but support is great in the strong community!

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