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CryptoCrooks Interviews: Stephan De Haas, lead developer, HaasOnline Software

The cryptocrooks have long been fascinated with automated trading and technical analysis, even before the advent of cryptocurrency. As the Bitcoin community grows bigger each day, trading programs have become more common. With our discovery of Haasbot last year, we began to foster a relationship with the software’s creators, Haasonline. After getting to know the creators we have maintained a relationship with them, assisting in software development, finding bugs, and general cryptocurrency discussion.

With their  latest creation, Haasbot 3.0, looms in the distance, Stephan De Hass has never been busier!

Who is Stephan De Haas?

Stephan de Haas is the co-creator of the advanced automated trading software, Haasbot. A Dutch programmer living in Rotterdam, his company works to make the most advanced cryptocurrency trading software available. We reviewed their previous release, Haasbot 1.0 more than a year ago to critical acclaim.

We reached out to Stephen for his thoughts on the development of the bitcoin bot and the future of cryptocurrency trading. It is my honor that we bring you this exclusive interview with Stephen DeHaas from Haasonline software.

Cryptocrooks: Haasbot is always being updated. How has the community’s response changed how Haasbot is being developed?

Stephan De Haas: The community loves it. We are follow a simple principle – keep innovating. This allows us to add new features and abilities in response to our clients. In fact, some community input trumps our own criticisms. They are the ones telling what they would like to have added.

There are definitely people who think that our program, Haasbot, is a cure-all. They think it will make them money without knowledge of technical analysis. This is a fallacy, one cannot buy our program without knowledge of technical analysis and push a button to profit. it isn’t that easy.

There are some who have issues, and attempt to blame the software. In reality, it is their lack of knowledge. If people make the wrong assumption then we bear the brunt of the joke. With version 3 we have made it easier on the frontend. Version 3 comes with easy to setup bots like the scalper and ping-pong bot. For the push for profit people, these bots should cover what they want. Our hope is to create a program for those well-versed in technical analysis, but also for those who want to get started. The range of capabilities in Haasbot allows both these people to push their limits and the program’s capabilities.


Automated trading is nothing new in finance. What is it about bitcoin that drew your team to develop such a project? Is there something in particular about bitcoin (cryptocurrency) that enables users to be more involved that traditional investments?

If you wanted to do (automated) trading your normally would need a license. Everything needs to be registered and so on. Many years after the introduction of Bitcoin, all this has changed. People can now trade at home on their own and automate their trading with our software. This is the reason why we got attracted to do this. I believe that the cryptocurrency is the future because there is no minimum, no requirements, etc. It allows everyone to be on the same playing field. Our program is a tool for those who know how to trade and those interested in doing so.


Although it might seem that your company has quite a bit of knowledge regarding technical analysis and trading, does anyone have formal training or experience as a currency (securities) trader or are you primarily a software developer by trade?

Personally, I don’t have formal trading education. I’m the person who develops interest in something, then reads everything I can on the topic. Most of my knowledge with trading comes from my experience in the past couple of years. My formal experience lies as a software developer. It has allowed me to work on a fundamental level with technical analysis. With math, there’s only one right answer, but as a developer, I’m looking for the best way to get the same answer everytime.

As for the team… It varies. Most of us are self-educated, but we have a strong collaborative spirit. We are constantly testing each other, sharing ideas, and encouraging each other. It’s a collaboration, and shared information moves the project forward, faster and more efficiently. This also allows us to better address our community by offering them one on one support.


When did you first get involved in Bitcoin? What in particular interests you most with cryptocurrency?

My initial interest grew out of mining. When I read that I could create digital money with computing power, I was hooked. When I really started to have a look around, I noticed the API abilities on exchanges. As an specialist into webservices this drew my attention to use those APIs. I noticed API input and people discussing automated trading. This was a fascinating idea as Bitcoin’s volatility lends to this sort of thing, both positively and negatively, hahaha.

Sounds very common to me, when you look into the API it might look easy. Same goes for technical analysis. But as soon as you dive into it things get complicated. Very complicated. But I love a good challenge and it also took me some time to get it working as how i wanted it.

Do you or any other members of the haasbot team actively trade cryptocurrency personally? If so, how do you incorporate this experience into development? Is there any advice you will be willing to share with prospective traders?

I think it speaks for itself we are all very active as we are using this software ourselves. As a team we discuss how to add new features or how to improve something. This comes directly as a result of personally using the software, but also from the community’s support and feedback.


Where do you see bitcoin (and community) going ideally? and un-ideally?

I only see Bitcoin taking the community forward. Even if Bitcoin doesn’t end up being the most ideal cryptocurrency, and it probably won’t. The idea behind digital currency, is that it frees the citizen of banks. After 2008, people have lost tremendous trust in banking, and consequentially, our financial system. Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, seems to be a response to that.

There’s definitely a lot of talk about second generation cryptocurrency like Ethereum and Dash. These promise to offer features Bitcoin doesn’t, like instant transactions and larger operating structures. Haasbot currently supports the same features for Bitcoin as it does, for altcoins.

The worst case would be a governmental ban of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency. It wouldn’t be possible, but hey, they can still ban it!

Of course, all this takes time. It took decades before the internet became a necessary part of daily life, and I believe the future holds this for cryptocurrency too. Of course, it could all fall apart due to unforeseen glitch, but the community and developers are strong and courageous for taking on this new ground.

The Future of Cryptocurrency Trading is Here

Haasonline plans to release Haasbot 3.0 by the beginning of summer. Beta testing started months ago and the program looks to be a significant upgrade from an already extensive trading platform to the next level. Sign up for our email newsletter to stay in the loop. We don’t send emails often, so give us a chance.

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