Indacoin Review: Buy Bitcoin with Credit Card


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Indacoin Review: Buy Bitcoin with a Credit Card (no registration!)

Sometimes convenience is best for buying Bitcoin. Our typical Bitcoin buying process includes vetting sellers through various platforms. Now, we can buy with a credit card, a first for us, with Indacoin. Indacoin allows for instant purchase of Bitcoin with a credit card without registration. Indacoin is a global platform that lets people from all over the world buy bitcoins with a credit or debit card without registration. More than 100 countries are supported. Indacoin change isn’t an exchange, it is a currency changer, much like those places at an airport. All this great news, will Indacoin hold up? Yes!

Is Indacoin Legitimate?

Indacoin states on their site they are headquartered in London. Las Suite 5 Percy Street, Fitzrovia, London. The Indacoin Change feature has been running for 2 years. When vetting new exchanges its helpful to know details of the counterparts on the other end of the trade. Knowing information on the operators of exchanges and services you’re dealing with for can help you in the process of deciding if you want to proceed with a transaction. Indacoin has been operating since 2013, and been going strong since they allow one to buy Bitcoin with credit cards.

Can One Buy Bitcoin Anonymously with Indacoin?

Support informed us that it would be possible to buy Bitcoin with a prepaid card. As long as they’re 3D secure, they’re able to utilize IndaCoin to buy Bitcoin without an account. Many people get those pre-paid credit cards and ask us how to purchase Bitcoin with them. Buying Bitcoin with a prepaid credit card and a VoIp number, such as one from TextFree or TextNow is possible. This is a way to hedge your bet, buying a prepaid card with cash and loading it up, then covering a reference to your identity with a VoIP telephone number for their verification.

Supposedly Indacoin only utilizes the phone number to keep track of limits for each person. This means you should use the same phone number and email to get higher limits on Bitcoin purchases. Albeit you loose much of that initial cost, but if the prepaid card was a gift, it could be valuable. This is considering the price of Bitcoin has no ceiling, which is possible. Many countries going through monetary difficulties are converting their fiat to cryptocurrency, and Bitcoin is the first point.

Pros of Indacoin

  • Buy Bitcoin with a credit card, without an account or ID!
  • Instant exchange of electronic currencies without registration.
  • Quick turnaround time, usually it takes about 10-15 minutes after you make an order or complete verification (if it’s the first time you use the card on Indacoin)
  • Major credit/debit cards from different countries all over the world accepted. You can choose whether you’d like to pay in USD or EURO.
  • Over 100 Countries Supported, Including: US, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Russia, Ukraine, Spain, Italy, Poland, Turkey, Australia, Philippines, Indonesia, India, Belarus, Brazil, Egypt, Morocco, Vietnam, Nigeria and many others.

Cons of Indacoin

  • High Markup
    • I’ve stayed away from double digit markups when buying Bitcoin, regardless of initial currency/method. All things considered, ease of use, lack of verification necessary, and usability of credit cards. 17% above spot is low!
  • Initial Purchase Limits
    • Indacoin limits new users to $50 of Bitcoin on their first purchase, but this increases with each purchase. We never recommend buying large amounts of Bitcoin at a time anyways, it’s best to cost-average different prices for minimal risk.

IndaCoin is Best for Convenience

Buying Bitcoin with a credit card has never been that easy, until we found Indacoin!

Indacoin is the best way to buy Bitcoin with a credit card. On that alone, we recommend Indacoin. it’s ease of use, compatibility are undeniably it’s best features.  If you plan on buying Bitcoin with prepaid credit cards, or reloadable ones, Indacoin is your best bet for convenience and reliability. We were able to buy Bitcoin with a credit card and the amount popped up on our wallet in less than $15 minutes. In this sense, Bitcoin can be bought without an ID on this site, and it’s the most trusted one we’ve used. Indacoin has been around 2 years, which is tough to find! With Bitcoin’s price having no ceiling, a markup could easily be cancelled, perhaps overnight!

CryptoCrooks Exclusive Discount!

All buyers using the link below will be able to buy Bitcoin with a credit card, at 17% above market rate! Just use the link below to get your estimate and buy Bitcoin with a credit card today!

[su_button url=”” target=”blank” wide=”yes” center=”yes” icon=”icon: money” desc=”Buy Bitcoin with Indacoin Now!”]Buy Bitcoin with a Credit Card[/su_button]

  • Features - 6.5/10
  • Ease of Use - 10/10
  • Reliability - 9.5/10


Features 6.5/10
Indacoin’s claim to fame is the ability to buy Bitcoin with a credit card without an account. The only things needed are the credit card, a phone number, and an email. We recommend not using your personal email, as we aren’t able to verify how the data collected is stored. We did learn that the phone number/email is used to clarify limits for the user. This prevents people from causing a “bank run” of sorts, where a mass of people drain Indacoin with a few large transfers, they’re hedging their bets by limiting purchases.
Ease of Use 10/10
Indacoin allows quick and easy Bitcoin purchases with a credit card. Anyone can do it easily, without an account!
Reliability 9.5/10
Indacoin Change, the Bitcoin buying service utilizing a credit card, has been around since 2013! Just look into it, or ask us! It’s reliable. If you have issues let us know!

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