How to Earn with Bitcoin

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Go from rags to riches by learning how to earn Bitcoin online

So, you have done your mining, maybe you sold some valuable stuff you didn’t need in exchange for Bitcoin, or perhaps you just bought some BTC with your hard-earned cash. How you got it is not the issue here. The issue here now is that you have some of the most valuable and highest priced currency in the world (over USD$4,000) on your hands, or well, on your e-wallet, and you want to know where to spend it, how to use it, maybe where to invest it?

By now figured out how to make some Bitcoins. Now you want to know how to earn with Bitcoin.

Thankfully, what sets Bitcoin apart from regular currency has little to do with how you use it. The biggest difference is related to how is generated. But when it comes down to spending or investing it, it all boils down to good old regular economics, just like you would do with your dollars, euros, pounds, pesos, rupees, etc. you just have to play the game.

Thou shall give, and charge interest for it

Just like with any other currency, you can lend your Bitcoins and establish an interest rate for the duration of the loan. Lending is, along with trading, the easiest way to earn Bitcoin since it works on a principle we have known since pretty much the invention of currency: lending.

There are websites like Bitbond, which lets users submit requests for Bitcoin funding by establishing a peer-to-peer lending platform. After a loan application accepted, the requesting part gets funded and commits to repay the money with interest.

If you are Bitcoin millionaire, a way to earn Bitcoin online is by creating a Bitcoin bank. If you are not a Bitcoin billionaire, you can also earn Bitcoin online by putting your money there as well. A Bitcoin bank works like any other bank. People deposit Bitcoins and then, over time, earn a fixed interest rate on said deposits.

It is all about trading

As said before, if you are interested in how to earn Bitcoin, this is a relatively easy option. There are two main ways to become a successful trader.

Your first option is one called “arbitrage,” which only means using your Bitcoins to buy an asset and then immediately sell it somewhere else at a higher price. You can use multiple exchanges like Kraken, Polinex, Coinbase, and Gemini to look for price differentials.

Your second option is speculation. That means buying Bitcoins whenever the BTC price is lower than usual and then selling them once the price rises. This way, once Bitcoin is “cheaper” than usual,  you can purchase more coins than previously expected. Then wait until the price rise again, and get the difference. Rinse and repeat, and you will be a Bitcoin millionaire in no time.

Do you feel lucky?

The last way to earn Bitcoin online is regular gambling. It is nothing more than taking your Bitcoins, heading over to websites like FortuneJack and test your fortune. Bet your Bitcoins for the chance of multiplying them by playing games like Blackjack, fortune slots, or any other casino classic. We don’t recommend betting on a gamble. It’s best to place your money on something where the odds are favorable to you. That being said these casinos are worth looking at for the novelty factor, gaining experience with the mechanics of Bitcoin, and even for fun.

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