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crypto investment ebook

It’s now another new year. I’ve been multiplying my Crypto portfolio by significant magnitudes. Learn how with the

Crypto Investment Ebook

The future has been here since 2020 and DeFi summer made a tremendous splash onto the scene. If you’re not involved yet you’ve been missing out, yet you’re still extremely early.

Those of you smart enough to be reading this right now think you know about all the happenings of crypto, in reality there are still some surprises left in store.

I’ve been in the game since the early days of Crypto, before Ethereum was even invented. The industry has been rapidly evolving, gaining significant traction since 2020. DeFi Passive Income has become one of the hottest methods of making money online.

The game is Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

This is another new frontier in the crypto landscape where opportunity and money await. Look at the price action on some of these


Use or to look up the charts

It was destiny that they were to appreciate in value in due time. Yes that’s correct literally destiny. All those in the know are harnessing the power of DeFi Passive Income, don’t miss out on the secrets anymore.

To the untrained eye, a random observer these are a list of random tokens that are amongst thousands of projects. Those in the know however knew these were poised to take off at some point. It was preordained manifest destiny.


Because these projects allow users to various methods to make money with their protocols. Borrowing crypto, lending it out, yield farms, fixed rate deposits, auto arbitrage, decentralized crypto to crypto exchanges.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves here.

I explain in full depth this new frontier in cryptocurrency

Defi Yield Farming: Best Crypto Investment Ebook

Learn DeFi Yield Farming from the Best Crypto Investment Ebook; Definitive DeFi Passive Income Guide

DeFi Passive Income Guide

Here is what is included with the Crypto Investment Ebook

  • Introductory to Decentralized Finance; what it is
  • Tutorial on Metamask and Wallets
  • Our expertise in DeFi (various projects, what’s possible, where to go)
  • Identifying major players (whales) 
  • Decentralized Exchanges as Well as Centralized Exchanges breakdown
  • Risk Management Philosophy 
  • Customized Strategies and Portfolio Allocation breakdowns
  • How to navigate the world of DeFi
  • Crypto broken down
  • Up and Coming Chains to Look at and Utilize

And much more!

This guide is meant for beginners and intermediates alike.

People who are looking to get started in crypto or brush up on their knowledge and pick up some pointers or gain further insights perhaps something overlooked that can be touched upon with another set of trained eyes. 

This is for those who want an expert analysis, views, philosophy and insight into the DeFi Passive Income realm, the secrets are unlocked in this guide.

DeFi is just getting warmed up it’s just the start. DeFi Passive Income strategies will boom in 2022, the methods to unlock this are just a click away.

It might be overwhelming to many people at first (enjoy looking up all this information by yourself, haha), that’s why I made this Crypto Investment Ebook

Those of you smart enough to stumble on this, you’re still early, and you’re going to become VERY wealthy in due time with relatively little capital outlay if you harness the power of DeFi Passive Income as outlined in this guide.

Welcome to Web 3.0 the dawn of a new age in the internet before most can verbalize and put a finger on the transformation taking place. This wealth of knowledge is contained inside the Crypto Investment Ebook.

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