DASH Trading Returns to Bitfinex

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DASH Trading Returns to Bitfinex!

We have been suspecting that Bitfinex would eventually add DASH to their exchange. We’ve written about DASH before, and it’s never been more promising with the recent price surge from $27 to $100 since March 1st! We ever tweeted them earlier this year asking where DASH was!

Why did Bitfinex Bring Back DASH Trading?

Guess they had to keep it a secret, as it probably would’ve affected the cost in the short-run. CoinMarketCap reports that DASH is pushing into $100. The craziest thing about this is that Bitfinex previously had DASH trading, but they discontinued it on September 30, 2015 due to low volume. We’re not sure what their recent change of heart was, but it’s been great for DASH price. Hell we tweeted them asking what the deal was, to no avail. Margin trading, funding and all other trading options are open for DASH at this moment.

Trust Returning to Bitfinex

Bitfinex has recently become the only cryptocurrency exchange with a 30-day exchange volume of $1 billion USD. Trust has returned to Bitfinex quicker than it might’ve imagined. Since their hack in August 2016, they introduced Bitfinex Tokens or BFX as a token of communal trust. Bitfinex has slowly taken BFX token out of circulation by redeeming them at 5% increments, paying holders $1 for each. They even increased the amount of BFX slightly due to a higher evaluation as mentioned in this tweet.

Some say they wouldn’t recover from the hack, but they’ve proven the opposite. Although the exact nature of the hack is sitll unknown, traders have returned to the exchange, making it more popular than ever.

Changing Perception of Cryptocurrency Trading

This reinforces the changing attitudes towards cryptocurrency. The public isn’t just concerned about Bitcoin or the blockchain hype that has preceded this. The entire cryptocurrency market is currently fluctuating around a total market cap of $25 billion USD. Although no comparison to some companies, it is growing.

What are you waiting for? Bitfinex doesn’t require any verification to create an account and trade.

If you own Bitcoin, you can deposit some and start trading right now. If you’re interested in our review of the Bitfinex exchange, click here.

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