Craig Wright: Creator or Imposter?

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Craig Wright: Creator or Imposter?

A man by the name of David Wright is claiming himself to be the creator of Bitcoin, or Satoshi Nakamoto. Is this the real deal? Will he provide the most obvious proof? The private key to the first wallet would be the way to confirm this. He has promised to provide further proof to support this claim, but the cryptocurrency community is suspicious. According to BBC, the spokesman of Craig Wright said that Mr Wright will transfer a coin from an early block of coins believed to belong to the inventor of the cryptocurrency within the coming days. However, a lot of critics have said that the proof provided by David Wright up till date is not convincing enough.

Craig Wright Promises More Proof

ArsTechnica published a post on Craig Wright’s proof. He admits that its normal for people to be skeptical about his claims, however he added that he would soon present an evidence, that would proof beyond reasonable doubt that he is the creator of Bitcoins. Many remain suspicious due to his lack of credibility on previous claims.

“For some there is no burden of proof high enough, no evidence that cannot be dismissed as fabrication or manipulation. This is the nature of belief and swimming against this current would be futile”

-Craig Wright

“I will present what I believe to be ‘extraordinary proof’ and ask only that it be independently validated. Ultimately, I can do no more than that.” A post on Github  described David Wright’s earlier blog post as mere “flimflam and hokum”, which can barely stand up to few minutes of scrutiny and were not able to reveal any information about Satoshi that’s not already public knowledge. The post goes further to reason that Craig Wright only managed to use amateur magician tactics to confuse the non-technical staff of the Economist and BBC during s small staged demonstration to support his claim. The BBC reporter admitted afterwards that although what they saw seemed impressive, it’s still requires a high level of expertise than they possess to be certain of what they actually saw.

Craig Wright’s Proof is Baloney

The reporter further said that Jon Matonis, a director at the Bitcoin foundation, briefed them on what to expect before David Wright’s demonstration. The reported also said that Jon Matonis told them of his suspicion of David Wright being Satoshi after meeting him in Australia at a Bitcoin convention. Beyond reasonable doubt, this is enough to speculate against Craig Wright’s claim. Aside from community dis-proof, it seems to be a way for media outlets to try and de-mystify Bitcoin and cryptocurrency by adding a face to it, but it has failed.

Craig Wright, the Con-Artist

The BBC reported that a previous interview with Gavin Andersen, a Bitcoin’s Foundation chief scientist, that the Scientist believed that David Wright was Satoshi. A few days back, there have been widespread conspiracy theories that believed that Andersen had been hacked and that those views were not actually Andersen’s. However, Gavin Andersen dispelled those theories at a New York conference where he said that he had not been hacked and that he actually believed Craig Wright.

Nevertheless, even though Andersen believed by David Wright, the wider public is still yet to be convinced. The BBC reporter said that David Wright has promised to show those who doubted him that he knew what he was talking about, but it seems he only managed to make them even more suspicious of his claims. When Jon Matonis was contacted a few days back at a cryptocurrency event in Kenya, he still remains undoubtedly convinced by David Wright’s claims, although he agreed that Wright’s blog post has not helped his case. Matonis said the blog post need to be amended to the better understanding of the public. However, he admitted that he believed David Wright as a result of a private demonstration he had with him.

Craig Wright Isn’t Satoshi Nakamoto (More than Likely)

From all indications, it seems the only thing left for David Wright to do is to move one of Satoshi’s Bitcoins, just as he promised. At least, that can get many of the doubters to believe in him. We will all have to wait and see how it finally pans out in the end.

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