Create a CoinURL Bot with Twitterfeed


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Automatically Share News: Create a CoinURL Bot

Ever think it would be great to automate coinurl for twitter to make a news twitter bot that shares the most recent news? Earn bitcoin by creating a coinurl bot. Since our CoinURL article we have been looking for a way to automate tweets with shortened links. We are welcome to share our cryptocrooks 10 minute twitter bot setup.

Our twitter news bot, @CCNewsBot is separate from our main account @cryptocrooks used for sharing our articles, ideas, thoughts, images, etc. We want our social media accounts to offer the latest content which the @CCNewsBot does. We always wanted a news bot, but didn’t think it was possible without a programmer, until finding this method. As you can see, our twitter bot is automating something we had previously done by hand, but this makes it so much easier for our followers and for us.

Use TwitterFeed and Coinurl to earn free bitcoin

I’d recommend using a separate twitter account for your twitter bot. We will go over how to get RSS feeds to input to the bot, how to integrate CoinURL link shortening and output the feeds as CoinURL links with titles on twitter. This is easier than ever and doesn’t require any coding knowledge whatsoever.


  1. Valid email for website registration
  2. Twitter Account
  3. CoinURL Account (Sign up here, or see our CoinURL Review)

How To Create a Twitter Bot to Earn Free Bitcoin Using TwitterFeed and CoinURL

  1. Register for a CoinURL account (here )
  2. Where does the money come from?
    CoinURL takes links and shortens them, also attaching an ad when someone clicks it. Simply put, the adverisers pay you to inconspicuously advertise for them. it only take a second just click here and sign up, once you are registered and verified, get your ID from the page below. This is a link we will use on twitterfeed to associate your shortened link earnings with your account.
  3. Is there risk?
    We haven’t reached the payout threshold yet, but we are getting credited bitcoin in our account for clicks.
  4. Create a account
    com is the “bot” of a twitter bot. It simply takes RSS feeds and uses your twitter account to share the feeds.
  5. Create a new RSS feed. Repeat this step until you have a decent amount of separate feeds.
    This part is probably the hardest part, as some websites don’t blantantly display their RSS feeds, but most do, so it’s easier than one would think.twitterfeed coinurl twitter bottwitterfeed coinurl bottwitterfeed coinurl bottwitterfeed coinurl twitter bot
  6. We always thought one needed a programmer to create a twitter bot, but we were wrong. After some quick research it was simple enough to make one, even with your own shortening service!
twitterfeed coinurl twitter bot

If you are logged into your Twitter account, Twitter will verify you want TwitterFeed to post on your behalf. Click YES!


The benefit to utilizing this method is the ability to automatically generate twitter tweets to related categories and being able to generate links that produce Bitcoins if clicked. You need an overwhelming amount of volume however to have each click add up to a significant amount. A few clicks simply won’t amount to anything other fractions of a penny. Implemented correctly with a large enough user base this set up could add up to a decent amount.

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