CoinURL Review: Make Bitcoin for Ad Space

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CoinURL Gives you Bitcoin to Share Shortened Links

CoinURL is one of the oldest and most well-known advertising and URL shortening website. You may have seen shortened links using and on Twitter before, Adfly is another popular site with the same premise. People are paid satoshi everytime someone clicks those links, just for a couple seconds of time, that’s free bitcoin. Anonymous ads is another bitcoin advertiser which pays per impression, ultimately less, unless posted on a high traffic website. The service is free to sign up for and requires no fees ever, unless you want to advertise your site on coinurl. Essentially it’s free bitcoin given that you have a way to promote shortened links and a website to post ads. We have been able to earn bitcoin, withdrawing bitcoin is quick and easy. The pay per click for the ads ranged from 0.00007500 bitcoin(7500 satoshi) to 0.00020000 bitcoin (20000 satoshi), which is pretty good money considering it is free bitcoin.

Earn Bitcoin from CoinURL Link Shortening Service with Twitter

Coinurl Review

Free Bitcoin for Linking to advertisers!

Earning bitcoin from shortened links is easy with a twitter account. Simply open up your main CoinURL page and put your desired link into the shortener, voila. We usually shorten links to our articles and to other websites, the more subscribers, then tweet it and watch our modicum of followers click away; after all the more clicks and more free bitcoin. CoinURL has API access for those interested in coding a twitter news bot that makes bitcoin, not our cup of tea, although it’d probably be simple enough to make a news bot using twitter API and taking links from RSS feeds.

Check out our article on how to combine coinurl and twitter to create a passive stream of pennies. The more people that click your links, the more you earn!

Earn Bitcoin with Advertising

Earn Bitcoin CoinURL Review

CoinURL’s main link and ad revenue overview.

We have one small square picture ad on our site to demonstrate the relative sketchiness of the CoinURL advertisers, seeing as the categories for ads are: Pornography, Gambling, Drugs, Alcoholic beverages, Tobacco, Politics, Weapons, Religion, and Violence. You have a choice to filter them, but those are the choices, not really family friendly, but the internet is not a place for kids. There are various sizes for banner and texts ads to better suit your size requirements and layouts. As our website’s followers shift, we’ll focus on more particular ways of advertising and how to get there, but right now a couple links and clever ads shouldn’t hurt. CoinURL also offers affordable advertising for your own links, ads, or websites, although I doubt many quality customers coming from them.

If you’re interested in shortening links and earning bitcoin when those links are clicked, sign up for CoinURL today


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