Coinomi Review: The Best Multicoin Wallet

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Coinomi Review: The Best Multicoin Wallet App

coinomi review best altcoin multicoin wallet

Coinomi is the best multicoin altcoin, bitcoin wallet because of its compatibility, security, and exchange.

How I discovered Coinomi

The cryptocrooks have been keen of altcoins, or other cryptocurrencys. The recent departure of Mike Hearn from the Bitcoin team only further piqued

that interest. I wanted to see what I could do with altcoin mining and my gaming computer.

While attempting to mine Dogecoin, I discovered I needed a Dogecoin wallet. Not the core program that requires downloading the blockchain. After hours of mining, running calculations and discovering it would take more than a year to get anything from my Radeon 280x. Although my effort to mine dogecoin wasn’t fruitful. In my search for the best multicoin wallet, I stumbled across Coinomi in my research. I soon recognized it as one of the most powerful mulitcoin wallet apps.

multicoin wallet coinomi review

Coinomi’s broad list of supported cryptocurrencys make it a must-have app.

What is Coinomi?

coinomi app review multicoin wallet

Coinomi enables the creation of multiple altcoin wallet addresses under one app.

Coinomi is an app (available on android and iOS, “coming soon”) that allows users to generate wallets for several

cryptocurrencys and exchange between them, instantly. It doesn’t require an account, simply download the app and start generating wallets. With support for 30 cryptocurrencys, it is one of the most powerful multicoin wallets on the market, available for free! Although other multicoin wallets exist, Coinomi provides the greatest convenience, security and features among other multicoin wallets around.

Coinomi brings ease-of-use with high end security (HD) to the masses with their multiple cryptocurrency wallet app on android.

Coinomi offers the security that mycelium offers but on a broader spectrum. Allowing users to store multiple cryptocurrencys in one place. This allows for one app, multiple altcoins, and easy spending/transferring in a portable fashion. HD security wallets provides further security by acting as a single wallet, but hiding the addresses through multi transfers. This keeps the record off the blockchain, but functions like a regular cryptocurrency address where coins can be sent and received like a singular wallet.

Why is the Coinomi Multicoin Wallet the Best?

  • Support for over 30 altcoins, those included are:

  • Open-Source

    • This means it is a communal effort, people can fork their own version of the program, nothing is hidden, code is public-ally view-able, and
      dogecoin wallet coinomi

      Our Dogecoin address, feel free to send us some!

      this means (as a popular app) more developments, features, cryptocurrencys are in the works! Just plain awesomesauce!

  • Full Shapeshift,io Exchange Integration

    • We’ll get into this later in the review. But you input one currency and an output currency, and only pay transaction fees and an exchange fee. So if I wanted Dogecoin and only had Bitcoin, I could easily, almost instantly change between the two!
  • One-Time Backup (HD Security, BIP44)

    • Backup is simple, tap backup, write down the phrase and store it somewhere safe. YES IT’S THAT EASY! This makes it extremely difficult for hackers to recreate the exact phrase to create your private keys, it could take years! But on a human level, it’s simple to restore when the device is lost, just input the backup phrase!

Our Experience with Shapeshift in Coinomi

After installing Coinomi, checking all the features out. I was impressed to notice Shapeshift integration. This allows users to change from one altcoin to another, instantly through’s exchange. It’s super simple, just go to “exchange”, type in sell amount and altcoin, then select output. This makes it easy to exchange from Bitcoin to Litecoin, or any other supported cryptocurrency to allow use in all sorts of scenarios.
dogecoin shapeshift coinomi

Using shapeshift to convert bitcoin to dogecoin. To the Moon!

 Coinomi is the best multicoin Wallet available

Coinomi’s multicoin wallet security and ease of use is second to none.
It’s broad-range of support cryptocurrencys allow an even greater flexibility than other products on the market. Integrated support for trading crytpocurrencys further enables a powerful tool-set to become a functional product. For people who merge-mining bitcoin with Namecoin, this wallet can store both, then convert Namecoin to bitcoin. Perhaps you’re fancying some Dogecoin to spread the good will of cryptocurrency among your peers, exchange bitcoin to Dogecoin, then send, all from the same place.
Basically, Coinomi is the best multicoin wallet out there.
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  • Features - 9.1/10
  • Ease of Use - 9./10
  • Reliability - 10/10

Best Multicoin Wallet (PERIOD)

A powerful, yet simple, multicoin wallet and exchange!

Features 9/10

Coinomi is open-source, enabling community members to point our flaws and correct them as they go. This allows Coinomi to further allow more cryptocurrency wallets. Signing messages is a breeze too, and can be done offline, wow much features, so power!

Ease of Use 9/10

Shapeshift integration allows simple and instantaneous transfers between altcoin wallets, enabling much more than your typical Bitcoin wallet.

Reliability 10/10

Simple back up with HD wallets is a breeze. Simply write down the phrase and store it safely. This allows you to generate your private keys and return to the same spot as before. This ensures export to other wallets too!

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