Coinding Review: Free Bitcoin or a Broken App?


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coinding free bitcoin

Can you actually get bitcoin from Coinding by wandering around your city?

Coinding is an Android app enabling users to find free bitcoin around their city. People who donate coins to the app, or advertise their business with it, disperse the bitcoins around their business, to draw in customers. The website informed me I could earn bitcoin and find places to spend it, or release them back to the world. This isn’t the first time I’ve heard of “free bitcoin”, faucets are notorious, which work in a similar fashion where an advertiser pays, and people get a minuscule amount of coin for visiting the site.

free bitcoin app review coinding

0.00 free bitcoin in coinding app wallet, better luck next time!

When I heard there was an app that gave free bitcoin just by walking around, I had to learn more. So I downloaded the app with high hopes of finding riches on the street. Since my job takes me around the city, I figured I could open the app anywhere in the city and get some bitcoin!

Are there Free Bitcoin in NYC on Coinding?

I couldn’t wait to find treasure while exploring new lands. I started the app, turned on my GPS, made an account, and started to see several coin icons appear around my vicinity. I was surprised by the amount of coins within a five minute radius of my house on my first boot with the app. With great enthusiasm I walked towards the icons, which disappeared when I walked over them. The first one I picked up gave me a message “Your treasure chest is full”, ummm no it isn’t. So I checked my balance, thinking there was a glitch that made me rich, but it was zero. I became disappointed by this broken app, I sent support a message and they replied rather quickly, but hasn’t fixed the problem to this day.

free bitcoin app coinding

Searching for bitcoin in new york city, none available…

It sounds like a fantastic idea, and a profitable idea, but the app simply does not work as advertised on my Samsung S5. My usual issues were that I could not receive the coins I picked up, the coins were in places inaccessible to the public, or the GPS could not connect, which is a problem I don’t have in any other app.

free bitcoin app coinding

0 bitcoin, the hunt continues!

This was not a waste of time though, as we can learn from all things, and this app is just a glimpse of how bitcoin could be integrated. A fascinating business plan is behind this broken app, sell advertising to businesses, and give money to app users, who in turn are supposed to see how many merchants accept bitcoin. Stay hopeful, coiners!

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