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Claim Bitcoin (for Android) allow flexibility in earning free bitcoin

Claim Bitcoin Review: Can an Android app compete with site-based Bitcoin faucets?

Bitcoin faucets give small amounts of Bitcoin, with the click of a button. Although this amount of satoshi won’t be enough to buy anything, it’s enough to start with Bitcoin. Claim Bitcoin for android allows users to grab some free bitcoin to get started, all from the convenience of your smartphone! They pay users from advertising revenue when the mystical “claim bitcoin” button is clicked.

The  problem with bitcoin faucets such as Bitcoin Aliens and Moon Bitcoin is that their payout is dependent on traffic and a variety of circumstances. Bitcoin faucet apps such as Claim Bitcoin enable users to be more flexible about claiming Bitcoin as opposed to the view an ad, get paid framework.

Claim Bitcoin is a simple bitcoin faucet app on Android. Starting claims at 200 satoshi every 30 minutes, it isn’t the highest paying faucet, but upgrades, quick. simple claims means I’ll keep it on my smartphone!

Claim Bitcoin Features

Claiming Bitcoin from the faucet

free bitcoin android app

Claim Bitcoin home screen. Once it hits 0:00, the bitcoin is yours!

The simplest way to earn bitcoin is to tap the “Claim Bitcoin” button, simple, boom!

After a couple seconds of loading ads, the main screen shows up with the claim button and a timer. The timer counts down from your claim time, which starts at 30 minutes. Initially the claim is 200 satoshi every 30 minutes, which is much less than D’Aliens’ Bitcoin Aliens faucet. Once the claim button is clicked, a video ad appears, then the account is credited. The ads range from 5 seconds to 30 seconds. The ads usually close out after a couple of seconds or the app crashes, but I still get credited bitcoin. This is great because all I need to do is click a button every 30 minutes and watch the bitcoin pile up. We believe the developers of Claim Bitcoin will eventually catch on to this bug (on my phone), but who knows. They do put out updates every couple of weeks or so.

Bitcoin for Apps

Perhaps our favorite feature on Claim Bitcoin is the “offers” claim. This allows users to be credited bitcoin in a variety of ways. This includes completing surveys, reaching a certain level in a game, downloading and opening an app, or more. This is done through a third-party program which verifies the actions took place called supersonic.

I check this every time I use the app to see if there is an easy, quick way to grab some satoshi. After all, free bitcoin is free bitcoin. Offers typically pay anywhere from 1000s of satoshis to 100,000s of satoshis, depending on action required.

free bitcoin android app

Offers get you more free Bitcoin, quicker!

Claim Upgrades

An interesting feature in this faucet app is the option to upgrade a variety of features. I have bought several upgrades, but they get expensive quick. Initially charging 2000 satoshi for each upgrade (regardless of which one), they double each time. Upgrading the claim time from 30 minutes to 29 minutes costs 2000 satoshi, but upgrading it from 29 minutes to 28 costs 4000, 28 to 27 costs 8000 satoshi, and so on (or so, I’m not sure if there is a cap on the upgrade costs) The upgrades work, but I have not tested the referral one (as nobody I knew would download the app). Here is a list of the upgrades available and what they do. Upgrades get expensive quickly.

  • Claim Time
    • As an inpatient person, I upgraded the claim time reducing it to 26:00. At 8000 satoshi for the next time reduction, it’s not worth it.
  • Claim Amount
    • Buying this upgrade increase the claim amount offer by the faucet by 0.05%. I get 220 satoshis a claim now with a +0.10% increase.
  • Referral Percentage
    • This upgrade increases earnings from referrals by 2% with each purchase. I have no referrals, but who knows, if you got a bunch of friends who download apps and click buttons, this is the upgrade for you.

Claim Bitcoin: Valuable for Free Bitcoin Fanatics

Claim Bitcoin is a simple way to earn free bitcoin on one’s free time. It’s less annoying than dealing with pop-ups on website faucets, but less reliable (with the offers). With many people developing interest in bitcoin, this is the perfect way to get started with Bitcoin. We consider Claim Bitcoin to be a harmless app. I open it a couple times a day to hit the claim bitcoin button and review offers. I’ve gotten hundreds of thousands of satoshi from this app, and I recommend downloading it.

free bitcoin android app

My payouts thus far, not too shabby! More than online wallets thanks to the generous offers!

For a novice to Bitcoin, this is the essential free Bitcoin app. This and a wallet will open your world to the power of cryptocurrency!

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[su_button url=”” target=”blank” style=”noise” wide=”yes” center=”yes” icon=”icon: money” desc=”Starting earning free Bitcoin on your Android device now!”]Download Claim Bitcoin FREE on Google Play![/su_button]

Claim Bitcoin Free Bitcoin
  • Features - 8.2/10
  • Ease of Use - 9.1/10
  • Reliability - 8.7/10


Claim bitcoin allows users to gain bitcoin by downloading apps and viewing ads. Beauty is in simplicity and makes this the best android faucet app.

    Features 9/10

Claim Bitcoin offers multiple ways to earn free bitcoin. Our favorite is downloading apps and opening them. Ease of Use 9/10 Claim Bitcoin has a simple interface, minimal sign-up and never sends emails! This makes it minimally intrusive and focused on free bitcoin. Reliability 10/10 Despite some problems with being credited for some app downloads. Claim bitcoin has always paid my balance in my months of using it. Regular updates improve stability, although I don’t mind the app crashing while showing ads, and being credited bitcoin for viewing them!

User Review
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