claim free bitcoin cash

Here’s How to Claim Your Free Bitcoin Cash

Claim Your Free Bitcoin Cash Now! Almost five months after the Bitcoin Cash fork, Bitcoin Cash’s price is going steady. As of writing, Bitcoin Cash’s price is currently ~$1,492 USD on CoinMarketCap. Despite many journalists and investors stating concern over the. You can only claim Bitcoin Cash if you had Bitcoin in a wallet before …

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Cryptocurrency Arbitrage Opportunities

Quest for Crypto Arbitrage Continues One of the ultimate goals would be identifying a lucrative arbitrage opportunity. That is to be able to buy somewhere at a lower price while simultaneously reselling at a higher price elsewhere. An easy to understand concept. Arbitrage is potentially incredibly lucrative if done correctly. In theory being able to …

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Hackers Steal $32 Million In Ether Cryptocurrency Hack

With the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies, cyber criminals are becoming increasingly perceptive. Cybercrime is at an all-time high. Many cases go unreported, a few hundred dollars stolen doesn’t catch someone’s attention. However, one hacker has outdone himself by stealing over $30 million of Ether (ETH). Ether is one of the world’s most popular cryptocurrency, which …

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Bitcoin Ransomware Plagues Landscape

Bitcoin Ransomware Plagues Landscape Noone likes a shakedown. Rather, noone wants to be the target of a shakedown. However, where there’s a will theres a way. As the nature of crime evolves with the times, criminals are adopting Bitcoin as a payment receipt mechanism. Malware trojanhorse type programs such as CryptoLock and CryptoWall are some of …

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Types of Bitcoin Wallets

What is a Bitcoin Wallet? To hold and utilize Bitcoin, one must have a Bitcoin wallet for transactions. Although calling it a wallet like a traditional one that holds fiat currency and credit cards, may seem like a good fit for a digital currency, the two differ. Everyday physical cash wallets are quite different from …

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Bitcoin Storage Methods

Different Ways To Store Your Bitcoin Everyone has different ways of doing things. It always amazes me how something can seem so logical to me, so obvious, that there’d never be another way of doing it, only to find out that someone else thinks my method is plain idiocy. The Bitcoin ecosystem is no different, …

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buy Bitcoin Virwox review

Virwox Review : Bitcoin Scam or Legitimate Exchange?

VirWox Review: Is it a Bitcoin Exchange? What is VirWox? VirWox stands for Virtual World Exchange Virwox isn’t an exchange per se, at least in the conventional sense. It’s a place where one can deposit money, then purchase digital currencies, like Bitcoin. It’s primary purpose isn’t to allow people to trade Bitcoin, like Bitfinex does. …

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What is Bitcoin Cold Storage

Type of Bitcoin Cold Storage

What is Bitcoin Cold Storage? Bitcoin Cold Storage is a way to save your private key off an electronic device. A paper wallet simply stores the address and the private key for withdrawing bitcoin. This means that there are two QR codes, one for depositing and viewing the balance, the other, should be hidden, and …

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buy bitcoin with credit card Indacoin review

Indacoin Review: Buy Bitcoin with Credit Card

Indacoin Review: Buy Bitcoin with a Credit Card (no registration!) Sometimes convenience is best for buying Bitcoin. Our typical Bitcoin buying process includes vetting sellers through various platforms. Now, we can buy with a credit card, a first for us, with Indacoin. Indacoin allows for instant purchase of Bitcoin with a credit card without registration. Indacoin is a global platform …

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On the Recent Bitcoin Price Surge

Bitcoin Price Surges It has been no secret that in the most recent weeks the price of Bitcoin has surged tremendously from the mid to low 400 USD level to the high 500s up to the 600s per coin (USD). This surge happened in a matter of days after the price was sitting in the …

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