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Terabox.me Cloud Mining Certainly Scam?

2015: The Fall of Cloud Mining? Aside from a childish obsession with printing money, bitcoin mining is fascinating. Despite the collapse of many bitcoin mining companies in 2015, our interest in bitcoin cloud mining hasn’t faded. Many reputable companies, such as one we were looking to purchase from, Cointerra, filed for bankruptcy earlier this year. 2015 has been …

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How to: Invest in Bitcoin Ponzi Schemes

Bitcoin’s “Bad Press” The infamous Ponzi scheme has remained inseparable from Bitcoin. Although Bitcoin is having a tough time pulling away from its troubled past. It is quite apparent these operations have been associated with bitcoin since “the media” has started to cover it. The media continuously paints bitcoin’s bad news. Since the collapse of MtGox, public trust in the cryptocurrency has continued …

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Defunct: Cloud Hashing.com Review

Thoughts on Cloud Hashing According to their frontpage of their website they claim that their business is ”The Easiest Way to Earn Bitcoins” On cloudhashing.com their website homepage their bio states they were founded in February 2013 to take out all the complexities of Mining Bitcoin. Cloudhashing claims they maintain great relationships with manufacturers that …

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Bitcoin Mining Scam: Butterfly Labs

ButterflyLabs is now under investigation by the FTC. http://www.ftc.gov/system/files/documents/cases/140923utterflylabstro.pdf I was always tempted to order the equipment from there many, many months ago. The allure factor was certainly present on a simple premise. Purchase a bitcoin miner then proceed to mine bitcoins with the miner and make more money mining the bitcoins than you …

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