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How Cryptocurrency Exchanges Gets Licensed

Running your own cryptocurrency exchange is an exciting opportunity to build an innovative business in the 2020s. You can create a platform where people may purchase Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, and benefit from the boom in this sector. Although this is an exciting opportunity, you need to do your research and set things up correctly. …

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Here’s Why Ethereum is Set to Boom

Bitcoin has had a record breaking 2020, but Ethereum is close on it’s tail. It broke it’s previous all-time high on January 19, 2021 and it shows little signs of pulling back. Although Bitcoin is the most well-known name in cryptocurrency, Ethereum is picking up steam. It’s development is gearing up for the launch of …

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Bitcoin Trading Bot for Profit Automation

Automate Your Bitcoin Trades HaasBot Review How HaasBot Works Known as the original Bitcoin trading bot, HaasBot is a comprehensive cryptocurrency bot which backtests, deploys and develops high frequency crypto trade bots in minutes. The user friendly trading bot platform provides a product called HaasOnline Trade Server, which allows users to choose from a range …

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bitcoin 2019 predictions

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency: 2019 Predictions

The First Decade of Bitcoin It’s hard to believe that Bitcoin has turned 10 years this year. The “genesis block” was mined on January 3, 2009. This marked the first successful use of blockchain technology. It has started a revolution. The first 50 Bitcoin mined are still under control of “Satoshi Nakamoto”, who left the …

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Ledger Wallet: Introduction

With the growing popularity of various cryptocurrencies, particularly Bitcoin, I believe it is necessary to know where to keep your Bitcoin safely away from the prying eyes of cyber criminals. Ledger, one of the world’s most renowned hardware wallet manufacturers- the Ledger Nano S. I was tempted into buying it for myself, which I did, for …

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bitcoin 2018 predictions

Looking Forward: 2018 Cryptocurrency Predictions

2018 Will be a Decisive Year for Cryptocurrency 2017 proved to be one of the most successful years for Bitcoin and altcoins as mentioned previously. But will 2018 be just as good? Here are some 2018 cryptocurrency predictions which will change how cryptocurrencies develop forever. Institutional Investors “Hedge funds ready to go short on bitcoin” …

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Cryptocoin Splits

Bitcoin Forks The Bitcoin split in August was the rage all over cryptocurrency-centred news websites. The fact that a crypto giant like Bitcoin was going through such a significant event caused prices to swing like they hadn’t done in a while, and uncertainty covered everyone’s faces. That is what we know as the birth of …

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cryptocurrency vs traditional investments

Cryptocurrency vs Traditional Investments

Bitcoin is a Revolution in Investments Bitcoin and most cryptocurrencies have outperformed most market expectations this year. This has led to an increased interest for investors. It is hard to ignore that Bitcoin more than doubled in 2017.  This article serves to illustrate the primary advantages and disadvantages between investing in cryptocurrency versus traditional investments. Even …

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Cryptocurrency Arbitrage Opportunities

Quest for Crypto Arbitrage Continues One of the ultimate goals would be identifying a lucrative arbitrage opportunity. That is to be able to buy somewhere at a lower price while simultaneously reselling at a higher price elsewhere. An easy to understand concept. Arbitrage is potentially incredibly lucrative if done correctly. In theory being able to …

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Initial Coin Offerings (ICO)

Initial Coin Offerings, or ICOs, are capital-raising projects. They are a contemporary way of raising money for the establishment or the maintenance of a cryptocurrency venture. No registered authority regulates these ICOs. They are mainly used as an alternative source of investment to bank loans and capitalist funding. The initial supporters of an ICO receive …

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