need to know bitcoin

5 Things That You Need to Know About Bitcoin

Whether you are a social butterfly or live under a rock,there’s no doubt you’ve heard of Bitcoin. Perhaps you’ve even considered buying Bitcoin! It would be best to get informed first. Here’s what you need to know about Bitcoin. How Bitcoin Works Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency, or virtual currency. It is created by the process of …

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bitcoin 2018 predictions

Looking Forward: 2018 Cryptocurrency Predictions

2018 Will be a Decisive Year for Cryptocurrency 2017 proved to be one of the most successful years for Bitcoin and altcoins as mentioned previously. But will 2018 be just as good? Here are some 2018 cryptocurrency predictions which will change how cryptocurrencies develop forever. Institutional Investors “Hedge funds ready to go short on bitcoin” …

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bitcoin 2017 in review cryptocurrency

2017 was the Most Important Year for Cryptocurrency YET!

2017 Represented a Shift in People’s Attitudes about Cryptocurrency Cryptocurrency is now the buzzword. Just as we predicted at the end of 2016, cryptocurrency market has grown by leaps and bounds. Long gone is the blockchain hype that built up to eventual adoption of cryptocurrency as an investment. Blockchain was just a way for big …

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kim dotcom bitcoin

Kim Dotcom Encourages Bitcoin

Kim Dotcom may be the best thing to happen to Bitcoin, or the worst. If you don’t know who he is, read his wikipedia. Basically, he’s a free internet kinda guy, a major entrepreneur. People argue that he’s encouraging piracy, but I would say he’s encouraging privacy in a world where every action is recorded. …

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cryptocurrency vs traditional investments

Cryptocurrency vs Traditional Investments

Bitcoin is a Revolution in Investments Bitcoin and most cryptocurrencies have outperformed most market expectations this year. This has led to an increased interest for investors. It is hard to ignore that Bitcoin more than doubled in 2017. This article serves to illustrate the primary advantages and disadvantages between investing in cryptocurrency versus traditional investments. Even …

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State of Bitcoins & Crypto Mid-2017

The world of Bitcoins and Alt-coins have rapidly evolved over the past few years. Bitcoin related services such as exchange BTC-E and lending service BTCJAM once used have come and gone. While members of the previous guard of services shutter new services spring up to take their place. Some of these defunct entities are more …

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Asset Bubble

Is Bitcoin a Bubble?

Bitcoin is the most popular form of cryptocurrency (electronic money) in the world. You can make your life much easier by using cash to buy bitcoin, which acts as a “digital asset.” The popularity of Bitcoin is such that all other forms of cryptocurrency are commonly known as “altcoin”, which means they are bitcoin “alternatives.” …

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bitcoin price record high

Bitcoin Price Sets New Record Amid Speculation

Bitcoin Price at Record High Bitcoin price has set a new record high of $2,700 this week. Some say it will exceed $10,000 a Bitcoin! The current price represents a return of nearly 5000% in five years. It is almost unfathomable to see something that isn’t government controlled rise this quickly. It is unprecedented in economic history. …

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subcypher incorporating bitcoin interview

Incorporating Bitcoin Overview and Interview

Cryptocrooks strives to maintain its standard as an independent news website. We are working towards partnerships of the highest quality. After scouring forums and conversations among the Bitcoin community, we were introduced to subcypher. Founder of Incorporating Bitcoin, a thorough guide to Bitcoin and its multitude of uses. What is Incorporating Bitcoin? Incorporating Bitcoin is an …

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