Cryptocurrency Arbitrage Opportunities

Quest for Crypto Arbitrage Continues One of the ultimate goals would be identifying a lucrative arbitrage opportunity. That is to be able to buy somewhere at a lower price while simultaneously reselling at a higher price elsewhere. An easy to understand concept. Arbitrage is potentially incredibly lucrative if done correctly. In theory being able to …

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Initial Coin Offerings (ICO)

Initial Coin Offerings, or ICOs, are capital-raising projects. They are a contemporary way of raising money for the establishment or the maintenance of a cryptocurrency venture. No registered authority regulates these ICOs. They are mainly used as an alternative source of investment to bank loans and capitalist funding. The initial supporters of an ICO receive …

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Bitcoin Gambling Law

Bitcoin Gambling Law

Bitcoin, a digital currency, was created by a software developer named Satoshi Nakamoto to revolutionize online payments. Based on complex mathematical formulas, this electronically generated currency actually worked and has been in use for more than a decade now. Bitcoin Gambling Law Unlike all other currencies in the world, Bitcoin is neither printed nor controlled …

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best cryptocurrency investment 2017

Best Cryptocurrency Investments: 2017

Best Cryptocurrency Investments: 2017 Today, technological advancement has brought us to a point where we have electronically generated currencies, known as cryptocurrencies. Unlike all the currencies in the world, cryptocurrencies are neither printed nor controlled by a single government and are used all over the world. Bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency ever, was invented by Satoshi …

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July 31 Death of Bitcoin

July 31 Could be the Death of Bitcoin, Here’s Why:

Will July 31 Be the Death of Bitcoin? The Bitcoin network will find itself as a crucial crossroads come July 31st. This monumental day in the history of cryptocurrency will mark 24 hours of potential network chaos. There is a small chance we will effectively see a network chain split take place, although everything is …

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Asset Bubble

Is Bitcoin a Bubble?

Bitcoin is the most popular form of cryptocurrency (electronic money) in the world. You can make your life much easier by using cash to buy bitcoin, which acts as a “digital asset.” The popularity of Bitcoin is such that all other forms of cryptocurrency are commonly known as “altcoin”, which means they are bitcoin “alternatives.” …

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bitcoin price record high

Bitcoin Price Sets New Record Amid Speculation

Bitcoin Price at Record High Bitcoin price has set a new record high of $2,700 this week. Some say it will exceed $10,000 a Bitcoin! The current price represents a return of nearly 5000% in five years. It is almost unfathomable to see something that isn’t government controlled rise this quickly. It is unprecedented in economic history. …

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Australia Tax Bitcoin

Australian Removes Cryptocurrency Tax, Causing Market Boom

Bitcoin enthusiasts are rejoicing regulations that move to set Australia at the top-tier of cryptocurrency encouraging countries. The laws going into effect prevent double taxation on the transfer of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.  Upon announcement of the new regulations going into effect, SeekingAlpha reported that “Bitcoin surged even further on the news, up another 15% …

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Types of Bitcoin Wallets

What is a Bitcoin Wallet? To hold and utilize Bitcoin, one must have a Bitcoin wallet for transactions. Although calling it a wallet like a traditional one that holds fiat currency and credit cards, may seem like a good fit for a digital currency, the two differ. Everyday physical cash wallets are quite different from …

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Bitfinex Token

Bitfinex Token Signals a Bright Future

Bitfinex’s extraordinary $60 million hack earlier in 2016 resulted in major changes at the exchange. The first, and most controversial, was the introduction of the Bitfinex Token (BFX). Essentially, it symbolized the losses of their customers and were issued in 1-1 to USD losses. What is a Bitfinex Token (BFX)? The Bitfinex token was created as …

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Swiss Bitcoin ATM

Swiss Creates Giant Bitcoin ATM Network

Largest Swiss Railway Convert 1000+ ticket machines into Bitcoin ATMs Swiss national railway company SBB is rolling out machines that facilitate Bitcoin purchases. This is aimed to be part of a two year initiate in Switzerland to test the market’s appetite for mechanisms that utilize Bitcoins for transactions.While bitcoins can be purchased, they won’t be …

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Goldman Sachs Blockchain Investment

Goldman Sachs Invests in Blockchain Startup Axoni, Divests R3

Goldman Sachs Divests R3, then Invests in Axoni Fortune reports that Mega Bank, Goldman Sachs has divested from R3, the important Blockchain startup created in 2014. Goldman Sachs did this by choosing not to renew their $100,000 yearly membership and failing to meet fundraising goals. R3 is currently looking to sell 90% of its equity to …

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