Brave Browser Review 2022: Earn BAT Tokens while Browsing Ad-Free


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Brave Browser Review

Brave Browser is radical concept that re-conceptualizes the idea of browser security and advertising. Like many other browsers, it is free and open source, based on Chromium. It does this by selling ad-space via the BAT (Basic Attention Token) to advertisers and removes ads on all websites. It also removes tracking cookies. It’s built upon the Chrome framework, Chromium. The ICO sold-out in a record-setting 30 seconds, raising a staggering $30 million. But does Brave and BAT deliver? This makes it possible to earn brave browser.

Here’s Why You Should Use the

  1. Faster
    • Brave loads sites quicker because it doesn’t load trackers, ads, etc. that can affect how fast a page loads. This reduces data usage, which is especially important for mobile browsing.
  2. More Secure
    • Brave blocks trackers, many scripts and other malicious codes that are integrated into advertisements. This prevents personal information form being shared with publishers or advertisers looking to exploit this.
  3. Better Privacy
    • Since Brave prevents trackers from function, sharing of personal data is limited. Private ad companies are based solely of the search history, while ads are a simple pop-up without the clutter many other sites have.

I haven’t found a website that doesn’t work on the Brave Browser. Heck, the websites don’t even mention that I’m using an ad-blocker, because most of them are part of the BAT publishing network. This allows them to earn BAT when people visit the website via the Brave Browser.

The Brave browser will be my new favorite browser. It’s hard to beat Chrome, but it’s faster and doesn’t require plug-ins to block ads or trackers, I have no complaints about it.

The Brave Browser Experience

Since it utilizes a similar framework to Chrome, when I first fired up the Brave Browser, it asked me if I wanted to import settings from other browsers. I only chose to import the bookmarks so I could visit all the sites I do on Chrome. Chrome is great for me because it is tightly integrated to Googles productivity suite and password manager, which makes productivity key for my line of work! Moving my bookmarks is a must. Anyone using Chrome will feel right at home, and Brave feels even faster because you don’t need any plug-ins!

How to Earn BAT with Brave

Advertising in this day and age requires access to a network of information networks that allows advertisers to gain insight into the best possible customer and direct their ads directly to them. Many may see this information as privacy-intrusive. Especially considering that sometimes it’s weird that I get ads for things I was thinking about, but never googling.

It’s scary! Brave aims to resolve this by utilizing properity technology to shield consumers using blockchain technologies and deals with advertisers and publishers. This method allows advertisers to get paid, publishers get paid, and consumers get paid for the ads they view and engage with. It’s a win-win-win.

What is the Basic Attention Token (BAT)?

BAT is an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain. This means that transactions require gas to be paid, so moving it between wallets can get expensive. However, the price of BAT fluctuates. Like all ERC-20 tokens, it can be exchange on a DEX for another token or cryptocurrency, such as USDC.

On the other hand, as a publisher and soon to be Brave-approved website (please tip if you’re on Brave). The process for obtaining the BAT I’m given, earned, or received from advertisers/consumers, it is antithetical to the “Satoshi Dream”. That is, there is a third-party which collects the BAT and distributes them to users. Only problem with this third party is that it requires authentication and verification. This means, users have to provide Uphold, which I never hear of before, and I (don’t really) trust with personal information. This is counter to what the Brave browser advertises itself as! More private, sounds like the opposite. But nowadays, primarily in the USA, regulators are cracking down on cryptocurrencies because they are outside of the realm of the traditional financial systems. Those of course being, the Federal government’s jurisdiction and direct authority.

The typical earned amount is 0.15 BAT an ad, at 5 maximum an hour, that’s 0.9 BAT an hour. BAT’s price fluctuates, but at time of writing is about $0.30 for 1 BAT. The price is available to view on coinmarketcap. The site states that you can get up to $20 a month in BAT by using Brave, but we’ll see how this plays in the long run to confirm this.

Currently, there is no way to get the BAT out of the Brave Browser, so I find that troubling. Then again, only the recent beta has the BAT rewards. This was something they discussed when they had the ICO for the Brave Browser. It took time to get advertisers, and publishers. But I like the Brave browser, it is fast and ad-free, that’s exactly what I want in my browser.

BAT Publisher Network

The BAT publisher network is rowing every day and prominent websites are signing up. Although this is an unofficial website, if you. You can also utilize the same BAT wallet integrated into the Brave Browser across different devices. It’s simple, just go to Brave Rewards and restore the wallet using the 16 word backup phrase.

The good news is that Coinomi supports BAT. To add BAT to Coinomi, you can add the token, then use the token address listed here. This would be useful if one considered selling them or taking the BAT from the browser. Unfortunately, the BAT wallet in the browser doesn’t not allow BAT to be sent.

Earn Money with Brave Browser

brave browser BAT token
BAT earning ad in Brave appears as a pop-up in the lower right corner.

In my experience, BAT earning ads were primarily blockchain related, but all types of ads appeared; there was nothing inappropriate or offensive. There are very few legitimate opportunities to earn crypto browsing on the web. I generally clicked the ads to develop a better understanding of the quality of advertisers. The ads themselves are unobtrusive, appearing as a small pop-up in the corner of the screen. No flashing, no gimmicks. Typically the sites were Brave certified, but they generally weren’t blatant scams, like the good ol’ send bitcoin here, and receive double in 15 minutes, ah the scams of yester year. To maximize credit, click the settings tab to adjust how many ads are shown an hour to “5 ads an hour”.


Brave Browser Review 2022

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CryptoCrooks Recommended

The BAT is credited the second that the ad appears. However, BAT is deposited into the user’s wallet once a month on the date shown under Brave Rewards. BAT is easy to earn, and I earned several amounts. The BAT earning experience was recently released under the Beta release, and this is the version I was using to conduct this review.

What are you waiting for? What have you got to loose? Join the revolution, and sign-up for brave now and start earning rewards.

Brave Browser = Fantastic, BAT = Promising
  • Features - 8.5/10
  • Ease of Use - 9/10
  • Reliability/Trustworthiness - 7.5/10

A Promising Beginning to a Well-Developed Browser and Token

Features 8.5/10

Although Brave is in it’s beta still; additional features such as: wallet syncing, BAT sending (a big one), and better device integration. The Brave has a feature set at this point that makes it feel complete, but unpolished and we look forward to see where it goes.

Ease of Use 9/10

Anyone familiar with Chrome should feel right at home using Brave. Brave Rewards will only get better over time as more advertisers, publishers, and consumers sign up.

Reliability 7.5/10

The required use of the uphold brand for publishers is frustrating. Aside from that, the community is devoted to the project and working to improve it every day.

User Review
8.9/10 (3 votes)

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