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Simple, Quick & Easy BlockChain.Info Bitcoin Wallet


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Blockchain.info is held as the gold standard for bitcoin wallet providers, and our experience has proven that.

Blockchain.info not only allows users to confirm transactions on the blockchain, but also grants registered users a bitcoin wallet. It has almost 2 and a half million wallets hosted, while growing at a steady pace. On November 13, 2013 blockchain.info had 1.3 million wallets, while it’s base grows to this day. Popularity continues to grow and encourages community support as it’s free and open source. With $29,162,606,410.67 worth of money held in users’ wallets and counting successfully transacted to date.

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Currency stats as of posting date. Blockchain is most certainly a big deal!

With Blockchain bitcoin wallet you can deposit bitcoins directly in seconds. They use industry standard AES encryption to protect your wallet. It’s easy to use and similar to using PayPal or online banking. Upon login you will presented with your Balance and a list of your recent transactions. With this wallet you maintain full control of your private key meaning wallets can’t be seized or blocked and can be imported into any desktop bitcoin client.

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You’re able to use Bitcoin Wallet to shop with hundreds of thousands of Bitcoin Merchants globally. Browse the in-app Bitcoin Merchant Directory for an idea of what can be purchased with bitcoin. Almost anything can be bought with bitcoin, adn some major retailers are adopting the cryptocurrency with open arms.

Blockchain boasts top of the line features for an online bitcoin wallet. On their  Key features include:

  • Free to use, No Fees
  • Two Factor Authentication
  • Secure Client Side Encryption
  • Ability to make your own backups.
  • Import / Export Private keys.
  • SMS & Email Payment notifications
  • Send Bitcoin to friends and family through email or SMS
  • Client Side Wallet Encryption
  • Open Source
  • Server assisted PIN Protection
  • Automatic and Manual Wallet backups
  • Local Currency Conversion
  • P2P Fallback mode if the centralized server is offline.
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Blockchain.info’s transactions and price tracking.

The quick and Easy Way to Open a Bitcoin Wallet

Search for a blockchain.info app on your smart phone’s app store and download it for free. Or go to their website to setup an account. If you’re looking for a bitcoin wallet app to hold your bitcoin, look no further than blockchain.info. This is the way to get started now to use crypto coins. Start your journey correctly and use this product to get started with bitcoin, then head to a faucet (our favorite faucet)and receive your first bitcoin! Blockchain’s wallet offers the simplest way to get started with bitcoin. Blockchain offers a solid way to secure bitcoin holdings and enables users to send/receive bitcoin.


Blockchain.info’s bitcoin wallet is accessible from multiple devices, has plenty of security features, and is easy to setup. Highly recommended as a first bitcoin wallet for those new to bitcoin.

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Blockchain.info does exactly what you want it to do, store bitcoin. Not only are accounts easy to setup, but they are secure. As one of our first researched bitcoin wallets, we continue to use it to this day. Read on to learn about how you can create your own bitcoin wallet.

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