BitLox Introduces Indestructible Bitcoin Wallet


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BitLox Starts Sales for Indestructible Bitcoin Wallet

People are still hesitant to store any significant amount of cryptocurrency on exchanges due to past occurrences. Troubled by theft, privacy, and regulatory concerns, people are looking for alternatives to store their cryptocurrency investments. The most popular of these would be cold storage, or offline private key storage. Although many companies exist that do this, BitLox has made headlines for unparalleled security and features. With the release of their Bitlox

The company says that such privacy and security features have never been seen before – hidden Bitcoin wallet support, duress PIN, AEM and quad password protection to name a few.

– Indestructible Bitcoin Wallet – CoinTelegraph

Is BitLox Really an Indestructible Bitcoin Wallet?

BitLox is made from titanium and aircraft-grade alloys, guaranteeing functionality under the harshest of conditions.

Who is BitLox?

BitLox was founded by xx in 2015 to reach the forefront of Bitcoin security. It is an incorporated company in Hong Kong with a growing presence in the Bitcoin community. It’s research labs have been studying Bitcoin security for several years and have launched their first public device on sale now. They promise BitLox to be the most secure hardware-based Bitcoin storage available to date. By utilizing the most advanced security features, multiple fail-safes and a variety of other features. It stands as hard to beat, here are the key advantages…

Hidden Wallets

Bitlox supports up to 50 hidden wallets. This is to prevent users from verifying funds in secured accounts, giving the owner plausible deniability.

Anti-Evil Maid

This is an advanced algorithm, where god-willing, someone does get the PIN and secures the BitLox device, the funds are safe due to this fail-safe. Essentially it utilizes a list of phrases or keywords memorized by the owner in the case that someone who knows the PIN tries to remove funds. This is exclusive to BitLox at the time of writing. It also works to prevent brute-force attacks by locking the device if someone is trying to submit PINs in order to guess the correct combination.

BitLox Features

  • Credit-card sized, 4mm thick, 25 g
  • 2″ e-ink display
  • multiple layers of pin protection
  • “Indestructible” – Encased in titanium and aircraft alloys
  • “Absolute Privacy”
    • TOR/I2P based access for darknet access only
    • TailsOS integration for unprecedented security
  • Hidden Wallets
  • Factory Reset PIN
    • In emergency situations, Bitlox may be reverted to factory settings at the press of a button

BitLox is Available for Sale Now

BitLox is miles ahead of the competition.

BitLox is more than a wallet, it’s an idea. It’s the idea that advanced security for Bitcoin can be accessible to anyone willing to pay. It doesn’t come cheap, but depending on the amount invested in Bitcoin, it’s a secure investment. BitLox isn’t cheap with pricing starts at $199 for the advanced version, all the way up to $399 for the “Extreme Privacy Set”. After several losses, in hindsight it would make sense to have bought it, but realistically, there are alternatives. But each alternative supplies different solutions to the same problem, how to secure Bitcoin. After all, when one owns Bitcoin they are directly responsible for the security of it.  With it’s unparalleled feature set, this is a must-have for those looking to secure their Bitcoin without compromise. 

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