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Bitcoin Trading Bot for Profit Automation


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Automate Your Bitcoin Trades

HaasBot Review

How HaasBot Works

Known as the original Bitcoin trading bot, HaasBot is a comprehensive cryptocurrency bot which backtests, deploys and develops high frequency crypto trade bots in minutes. The user friendly trading bot platform provides a product called HaasOnline Trade Server, which allows users to choose from a range of crypto trading bot options and even personalize their own to implement bespoke trading strategies.  

Pros and Cons 



  • Does not offer a free trial.
  • Beginners have to face a learning curve

How It Works

Unlike other cryptocurrency trading bots, users have to download and configure the HaasOnline software via the HaasBot Trade Server. Registration is quite user friendly as well. You can create an account just by providing your email address.

You also need to install and configure the Haas Trade Server (HTS). The good news is that the team at HaasBot has provided a number of guides that Linux and Windows users can use to do both easily. Once done, you can examine your Wallet Assets and choose a trading bot from the available ones in the bot list. It’s that simple.


HaasBot offers three pricing models:


Price – 0.04 BTC

HaasBots – 10 concurrent


Price – 0.11 BTC

HaasBots – Unlimited


Price – 0.07 BTC

HaasBots – 20 concurrent

HaasBot Trading Bots Best Features

  • Increase or reduce your position in the market with minor issues using the Accumulation Bot.
  • Create a diverse cryptocurrency portfolio via the Crypto Index Bot.
  • Integrate TradeView email alerts into your HaasBots using Email Bot.
  • Set predefined orders that will trigger into effect only when the target price is reached using the Order Bot

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