Bitcoin Bullish Cycle Returns

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Bitcoin Bullish Yet Again!

The world of bitcoin is one most don’t know exist. Never has there been a better time to invest, aside from 2009-2011 (long gone, don’t look back), which is when I first entertained the prospect of investing in cryptocurrency. Although doubt prevented me from holding any bitcoin from that time; I only gained interest as time went on. With the recent bitcoin headlines proclaiming the death of the bearwhale, nobody in bitcoin, has never taken this opportunity so seriously. The seriousness stems not only from the markets ability to correct itself in traditional economic manners, but also in the volatility of cryptocurrency. It is a reminder that uncertainty is part of economic understanding.

Bitcoin bullish yet again means investors are pushing prices higher as more want to buy than want to sell!

Bitcoin: or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Cryptocurrencys

Volume reached a yearly high when the price dropped to $300. This is a sign that people were buying at an advantageous price, prevented a further drop. Financial institutions are still issuing warnings to their citizens about bitcoin and other cryptocurrency. The general public is thrown misleading information, although I wouldn’t doubt the government’s ability to seize anything. We believe there will always be a demand for bitcoin. Regulation is required for the price to skyrocket, allowing the public to safely purchase, hold, and report their earnings. The process requires cooperation between citizens and their governments, allowing a lenient policy, but also one that insures their investors to an aspect. Cryptocurrency cannot be manipulated theoretically due to their decentralized nature, this is a huge benefit of using crypto coins.

The current bitcoin investment climate is ripe for opportunity. Whether one is day-trading or cloud mining, the prices are working for in the investors’ favor. The bitcoin revolution has never seemed to be more reliable. Mt Gox happened a while ago, and it was a shame for all those involved; luckily I wasn’t invested there. The mistakes of our fellow bitcoin investors are lessons for us, but also come from common investing sense. Do not keep all your assets in one place, diversify your investments, and maintain liquidity as much as possible. Simple rules could never be easier to follow in this, mainly, unregulated Wild West. The internet and cryptocurrencys allows a diverse digital portfolio with all the similar securities of traditional investing.

Bitcoin can be lent for profit, day traded for profit, used to monetize websites, videos, etc.

There is a whole cornucopia of investments, and we are here to introduce and review them for you. We take ourselves seriously, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun, same goes for you. Bitcoin investments are constantly changing. We will help even the most saavy bitcoin enthusiast develop a sixth sense for scams, and help diversify their bitcoin holdings.

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