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‘Bitcoin & Exponential Freedom’ is a self-published Bitcoin book by, an ecommerce entrepreneur and asset manager, Jake Leary. Jake is a Bitcoin Maxi. The book consists of several chapters which seek to inform and enlighten people about the current monetary policies and how Bitcoin can shape the future.

Chapter 1 – What is Money?

The book is look at Bitcoin from a first principles perspective. Discussing, in chapter one ‘What Is Money?’, what exactly money is and the properties that make something a better or a worse money over something else. Then in chapter 2 ‘Why Is Gold Money?’, why these properties lead to gold being selected as money by the free market. Tangible resources have been used for bartering as long as economic transactions have existed for.

Issues with the Current Monetary System

In the next chapter ‘Monetary Devolution’. The book explains how governments have taken over the monetary system and have been able to institute a fiat monetary system upon the world. The book dives into the issues that this then creates for society at large, and the unsustainability of keeping this system going in a technologically advancing world. 

Why Is Bitcoin Superior Money?

In chapter 4, the book makes the case for why Bitcoin is the best form of money that has ever existed. This is explained from a first principles perspective when looking at the properties of a good money, that have been discussed earlier on in the book. 

The rest of book delves into more complex discussions, in chapter 5 ‘Digital Ball of Energy’, the book takes a deeper look into how a ‘good’ money conserves ‘economic energy’ and the implications of money storing, rather than leaking, economic energy. In chapter 6, ‘Bitcoin Fixes This’, the book highlights how Bitcoin fixes the issues created via the current monetary system and the inherent manipulation of money.

Bitcoin’s Energy Usage

The book then delves into Bitcoin’s energy consumption, and why using energy is not a bad thing. The author explains how the flourishing of human life coincides with the capability of humans to be able to harness and utilise energy more efficiently. The book compares Bitcoin’s energy usage with the energy usage of the US petro-dollar system that is currently underpinning the global financial system, highlighting that Bitcoin is far less energy intensive.

The book includes a chapter on the authors subjective value of what the Bitcoin network and protocol is potentially worth. In Chapter 9 ‘The Great Filter’, the book provides a deep thinking thought experiment, to help the reader to imagine the potential paths that humanity could be heading down depending upon whether or not we opt into a Bitcoin standard or remain trapped in a fiat standard.

Bitcoin is Freedom

In the closing chapter of the book takes a look at what the world would look like under a global Bitcoin Standard. How would using a decentralized, open source, peer to peer money with a fixed, immutable and programmatic supply shape society? The book contemplates topics such as familial effects, academia, violence, monetary stability, culture, prosperity and more.

The aim of the book is to provide an explanation of what money is, in particular for the Bitcoiner’s and the non Bitcoiner’s who are not fully aware of the history of money, monetary systems and the abuses of these by big banks and governments. The book also attempts to get the reader thinking about their unit of account and how using a broken measuring stick as their unit of account makes everything else around them appear to be volatile. 

Ultimately Jake attempts to elaborate how fiat currency is a type of slavery and how Bitcoin is Freedom. 

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