Bitcoin Aliens Review for Smartphones


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Kill Aliens, Earn Bitcoin

Bitcoin Aliens: Kill Aliens and earn Bitcoin – includes boss battles and big Missions.

Featuring the latest Bitcoin Aliens Game now on iPhone and Android

Bitcoin Aliens

Alien Faucet is currently a top satoshi faucet. Daniel D’Aliens the creator is still at it. Making their newest faucet app available for Apple and Android Phones alike. Now on iOS in addition to being already out on Android phones, check out the details on the new Blockchain Game  It gives you opportunity to win satoshi jackpots on their brand new games – just keep pressing the aliens flashing on your smartphone screens to claim bit blockchain prizes.
This is one of the top faucet apps out there right now, and you can get it for your smartphone. It’s a good filler to click around on. Nothing groundbreaking, but worth checking out for a very small period of time.
Once you get the app for your iPhone and sync your bitcoin wallet address you’re ready to begin playing. The way it works is there a different “missions” that are selected. There are a few different types of aliens you click your phone screen to kill. Some are more difficult than others, the difficulty determines how much satoshi is paid out to you for killing them. Expect low hundred to at most, a few thousand satoshi per alien killed. After each session an ad plays that you get through then you’re able to move on to the next alien to defeat. Rinse repeat.

Clicking on this alien kills him and reclaims satoshi

The revenue for the app maker makes it greater then the payout to the user base, thats for sure. Watch 5-7.5 hours of 15-30 second ads between the developers 3 apps for 20k which is 8-10 cents worth of bitcoin. The electricity to charge an iPhone costs more, and the hours of your life you never get back is not worth the cost/payout. Not worth the time in the grand scheme of things.  It’s good to allow testing out receiving fractional bitcoin transactions in wallets for new users. This is the main purpose these faucets serve, getting amateurs accustomed to working with bitcoin, albeit in small amounts. Regardless it is still fun for a short while to kill the aliens but after its done you have to wait and sit through the ads between alien killing sessions which are never ending.
win satoshi
Bitcoin Aliens releases satoshi after clicking for awhile

Not the most spectacular game – simple & repetitive. Entertaining in small bursts for however. Getting a small reward of BTC vs game credits or achievements is nice. Being rewarded with something potentially tangible for killing spare moments instead of just having that time completely wasted on something completely useless. It won’t make you rich. And your rewards definitely scale down if you sit and grind for a long time straight, but overall enjoyable for a few short moments. The creators did a decent job making some cool graphics for the aliens.

bitcoin alien bling

Bitcoin alien. Bitcoin bling.

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