BTC Faucets: Bitcoin Aliens Review


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Earn Accumulated Payment Direct to your Bitcoin Wallet

The premise of earning free bitcoins just by clicking around a website such as the Moon Bitcoin Faucet & Bitcoin Aliens Faucet has an alluring appeal to it. But are these faucets just as good as the premise of them? Attach your bitcoin wallet address Push a few buttons every now and then and just watch the free bitcoin trickle in. But what these sites actually do is require you to perform time consuming tasks for a few measly satoshi (0.00000001 Bitcoin) which you will probably never see in any useable form as the sites have payout minimums that are impossible to reach. We’ve decided to look into the more high profile well paying bitcoin faucets, this our Bitcoin Aliens Review

Questions about Earning Free Bitcoin

You can claim every 5 minutes, after your claim you will see a timer counting until your next claim.


They pay out every Tuesday to your bitcoin wallet of all balances over 20000 satoshi. It is automatic, there’s nothing you need to do. You are unable to change wallet addresses once you setup your account so select carefully. Bitcoin Aliens has a version for both the computer as well as smart phone devices.

Begin Getting Free Bitcoin start here at Bitcoin Alien’s website

Go to the top right hand corner and click the account button to get started.

From that screen you will be able to enter your Bitcoin Wallet address. You also have the option of pushing the faucet coins to a Xapo or Coinbase wallet. We use blockchain. Once you are setup with an address to have your satoshi pushed to go back to the main faucet screen. Just scroll down click the check for the captcha to prove you are not a bot. Then click to claim your satoshi, where the button is, you’ll have to do this twice.

clicktoclaimBitcoin claims are based on percentages, with payouts ranging from 270 – 18000 satoshi. There is a reset timer so you’ll have to wait a few minutes before attempting to get more. The odds are in favor of smaller releases of satoshi rather than larger amounts.

Claiming Free Bitcoin is Easy



The more common aliens provide lower payouts while the rarer alien kills have a nicer reward however you have less than a 0.1% of hitting


You have a 97% chance of hitting the two most common aliens for a 270 and 486 satoshi reward

Negatives of Alien Faucet

  • AdBlock needs to be turned off – Bitcoin faucets requires adblocker plus to be turned off because it blocks ads, which is how they afford to give out the free bitcoin
  • All the ads on the website can be very annoying and make the site run slow. But without them Bitcoin Aliens wouldn’t be able to give out free bitcoin!

Positives of Alien Faucet

  • Easy to get started for beginners who want to start generating free Bitcoin
  • High traffic to ensure payments will be made to users for time being

Alien Faucet is a great way for Beginners to start earning free Satoshi today

bitcoin faucet review free bitcoin

conceptual illustration of a dripping tap coins, vector illustration

  • Features - 7.5/10
  • Ease of Use - 9/10
  • Reliability - 8/10

A Bitcoin Faucet worth looking at

This highly visible, bitcoin faucet is one of the best ways for beginners to get started earning small portions of bitcoin.
Features 7.5/10
Very straightforward faucet. It just needs steady traffic to ensure future payouts
Ease of Use 7/10
The website is confusing at times to navigate through ads and clutter but once you figure where everything it’s very simple to find your way around.
Reliability 8/10
Alien Faucet has an alexa rank in 9,000 This makes it one of the top ten thousand most visited website on the internet. This ensures a steady supply of visitors, which translates to consistent ad revenue, meaning guaranteed payouts for the time being.
We recommend this to anyone thats brand new to bitcoin, creating an account starts an initial flow of bitcoin that requires no verification, no expensive equipment, no market loss.

User Review
2.86 (7 votes)

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