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Edit (1/16/2015): is now defunct.

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  1. Bitcoin Aliens – Quick 5 minute claims, withdraw payouts above 20,000 satoshi, overall very reliable!

  2. Moon Bitcoin – This unique faucet has payouts that increase with time, claim every 5 minutes or once a day, it will be the same amount!

  3. How I learned to Love Bitcoin Faucets – This article explains how bitcoin faucets make money and pay their customers! is now defunct, stay away from faucet aggregators (for now)

Edit (1/16/2015): is now defunct, we are looking for a reliable faucet aggregation, and will review it when found. Thanks!

The team at cryptocrooks is always searching for opportunities, full well knowing that the faucets of two years ago gave 0.01 Bitcoin every thirty minutes, an obscenely high amount in today’s market, for free! I mention this in comparison to the faucets of today, which grant anywhere from 20 to 500 satoshi, barely anything, for now. If you don’t know what a bitcoin faucet is, let me explain. Basically a website offers tiny amounts of bitcoin for filling out a captcha and putting one’s bitcoin address into a form. The user is then credited with an amount of cryptocurrency and will be able to withdraw it once a threshold is reached. The minimum payout at is 5,500 satoshi. At this level, it takes about 4-5 rounds of captcha filling out to reach that amount. is a site which shows you faucets, and you simply go down the list filling out captchas. It took me 3 minutes to fill out every faucet on the site, and can be done every 30-120 minutes depending on the faucet. I do this as often as I feel like; any amount of bitcoin is good news for me, all it takes is a couple of minutes. All these small amounts of bitcoin could eventually add up to something more significant because of the long term approach to bitcoin all that is required is a bit of patience.

Free Bitcoin from faucets, get started with Bitcoin today at

If you’re looking to get your feet wet with bitcoin and don’t want to spend any money, but are willing to spend some time doing something mundane for pennies on the dollar, keep your head up have hope the cryptocurrency will go up another 200%. Use the satoshi to bet on dice games or something, free bitcoin opens you up to a world of freedom and opportunity. If you can make 1 satoshi you can make 1 bitcoin!

To start this process, use the link below for 8coin. It is one of the faucets that send free satoshi to, make sure to click the links only on, because some faucets send your earners to another faucet aggregator website like landofbitcoin or faucetland. I prefer as my faucet aggregator because of its simplicity and low minimum payout, nothing but faucets, and no ads on the site.

List of Compatible Bitcoin Faucets

Simply visit each bitcoin faucet, fill out the form and receive free bitcoin in, hit the withdraw threshold and cashout!

Click here, go to the website, put in your bitcoin address,  solve the captcha, then go to, input your address again, the scroll down to see all faucets and start your free bitcoin adventure.

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