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Betmoose’s growth is exciting, but are the wagers any good?

Betting is an activity enjoyed by many people. BetMoose allows one to bet Bitcoin on real world events.  There are many different platforms that allow this however, BetMoose has caught our attention. The categories featured are Bitcoin, Sports, Economy, Politics, Stocks, Entertainment, eSports, and Other. The interesting thing about this platform is the bets are created by the users not BetMoose. You can create your own wagers on pretty much anything and profit from it.

What Bets are Worth some Bitcoin?

There are many categories of real life happenings you’re able to bet on through BetMoose. It only makes sense to wager on topics you have an understanding of to skew the odds in your favor. Now the question becomes what to bet on? Of course there is no one set answer or else we would all be unfathomably rich. However we’ve been developing our own strategy. We’ve been focusing our bets on the upcoming U.S. 2016 Presidential elections.

I feel like certain wagers are pure gambles with no probability of skewing the odds in your favor, try to avoid these. Everyone wants to win, not make “gambles” and lose my money recklessly. The thrill isn’t in the unknown, betting, the game, or anything like that. I want to make money on my money. I won’t be betting on whether the Super Bowl coin toss is going to be heads or tails, ever. There is no way to have the odds in my favor. Now betting on a winning team is another story. It is still difficult but seems like you could tilt the betting gods toward your side if you were good enough. Remember in Casino, Ace Rothstein was a hell of a handicapper.

Our last 2 wagers on BetMoose were on the candidates in the Presidential primaries. We bet that Carly Fiorina would be out of the running before Hillary Clinton. Our other bet was that Jeb Bush would not be receiving the Republican nomination. These were pretty good wagers considering you have information like polling information as well as gut instinct to help back up your stance. These wagers were placed in the beginning of 2016 as well. Since then we have profited on those wagers.

Our Track Record on BetMoose

We won our previous 2 wagers and have rolled the winnings into another one, predicting that Donald Trump is the winner of the Super Tuesday presidential primaries upcoming on March 1st. If we win we’ll be rewarded with money on top of our money, if we get it wrong, we’ll be left on the side of the road with the winnings from the previous bets erased. The payouts however are extremely minuscule with small caps on how much you can wager. These are easy bets, as such the rewards are less.

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Browsing bets on BetMoose. Payout is worth considering.

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Our placed bets, we’re not recommending anything, consider all possibilities first.

As you can see we’ve made bets on the nominees in the beginning of this year. As the race nears the candidates narrow down. We made the correct assumptions and were rewarded as such. The return on your investment is determined also partly by the difficulty of the bet as determined by how far away the event you’re betting on is from ending. You are rewarded better if your bet’s ending is further out because it is harder to determine. The bets also seem to cap out sometimes at low numbers which limits just how much you can be rewarded for guessing correctly. Many of the bets won’t allow you to even bet a full bitcoin but only in small bits which can limit your winnings, (or losses).

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