We believe Bitcoin has importance past it's monetary value. Decentralized systems have applications beyond economic theory. Keep following us, even if everything we write doesn't interest you our plan is to keep you interested. The future is now!

How to Buy NEM

How to Buy NEM Summary  Here’s how to buy NEM:  Get an NEM compatible wallet (NEM Wallet, Trezor)  Use an NEM exchange (Binance, Bitfinex, KUCoin)  Exchange Bitcoin for NEM Withdraw your coins to your wallet Step 1 – Get an NEM Wallet  We recommend the official Nano wallet (Desktop client) from the NEM website. Once …

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Buy IOTA Coin – Guide to Buy IOTA

What is IOTA?  IOTA is a cryptocurrency that has no transaction fees and requires no miners in order to process transactions. IOTA is a permissionless distributed ledger cryptocurrency. It aims to be scalable, secure and lightweight to allow any type of IoT (Internet of Things) device to use it.   Unlike the Bitcoin blockchain that incorporates …

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The Power Of Bitcoin Investing

The past few years have seen crypto to dollar valuations rise and fall. We’ve seen tremendous run ups and drops in terms of pricing all across the board in cryptocurrency valuation. Let’s look at Bitcoin specifically. The overall trend in just the past 3 and a half years has been over 1,000%. That’s a tremendous …

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Ledger Wallet: Introduction

With the growing popularity of various cryptocurrencies, particularly Bitcoin, I believe it is necessary to know where to keep your Bitcoin safely away from the prying eyes of cyber criminals. Ledger, one of the world’s most renowned hardware wallet manufacturers- the Ledger Nano S. I was tempted into buying it for myself, which I did, for …

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Strategies and Tips for Trading Cryptocurrency

Strategies and Tips for Trading Cryptocurrency One fact of trading that’s best to make peace with is that you’re never going to perfectly time your buys and sells. What are the chances you’re going to purchase at the exact bottom and sell at the exact top, coupled with putting enough capital into the …

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When to Hold when to Fold

Principles of Investing An underlying investment guideline guiding principle is understanding odds and risk when laying down capital for return. When investing in non risk free instruments nothing is guaranteed. The best approach is making highly informed wagers, while simultaneously appropriating the right amount of capital on each said wager. So position size and outcome …

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Bitcoin Traders Guide

Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency in the world.It is the first currency accepted all of over the world.To know what bitcoin is you first need to understand the concept of cryptocurrency. It is a virtual or digital currency, that can be exchanged between people and even businesses that accept them. Kind of like Monopoly …

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Buy Bitcoin with Credit

Buy Bitcoin with Credit Gone are the days where acquiring Bitcoin was a complicated process that would take weeks of studying and analyzing on how Bitcoin works and where you can get it. There just wasn’t an easy way to buy Bitcoin with a credit card. Today, there are many methods you can use to …

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