Altcoin Money Lending Platforms


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 Altcoin Lending Platforms

We’ve written in the past about a few of the large platforms that allow users to lend and borrow money through their service. BTCPop and BTCJam are two of these we’ve spoken of. There are a few websites that offer this product. Peer to peer (P2P) Bitcoin lending websites include BTCJam, BitlendingClub, Bitbond, BTClend or BTCpop. However, many of them don’t have the volume of deals offered by the biggest one, which appears to be BTCJam. See all the P2P lenders for yourself and do a search query in your engine of choice for terms such as “Bitcoin Lending”.

We’ve begun looking into Bitbond. My impression right off the bat is that it has a nice, clean, user interface similar to the other smaller ones we’ve used, not similar to BTCJam. The main thing that I noticed was how few deals were available for investment. There are maybe 10 available deals right now. Low volume is not appealing to me. I want there to be a lot of activity to feel like its something worthy. Or if its a low amount of activity, I’d like it to be high quality products. Just skimming through a few of the ten listings available shows just the lack of volume the site suffers from.

Bitfinex: Favorite Way to Lend

Bitfinex remains our favorite method for generating return on our BTC. Through their platform you’re able to supply traders with money to trade their bitcoin on margin. You are compensated for providing this liquidity to other users. As of now it is currently around 1% a month give or take a few basis points. Bitfinex has been around for awhile relatively speaking. In the Bitcoin space a few years will count as awhile since the crypto coin itself is only a few years old.

List of Bitcoin Loan Websites – World’s largest bitcoin peer to peer lending network. Where borrowers get great rates and Investors get great returns. Personal loans and Online Investing. – BitLendingClub caters to the international Bitcoin crowd-lending platform. BitLendingClub set out to use groundbreaking technology. Bitcoin Lending Done Right. – Bitbond: Bitcoin p2p lending Earn interest with bitcoin lending Small business – BTCLend was created to provide lenders and borrows a trusted place to perform Bitcoin lending. Trusted based loans will never be the same. BTCLend – BTCPop is fast becoming the worlds largest Bitcoin lending and investments platform, with a wide range of options such as instant borrowing. BTCPop Invest and Borrow Bitcoin.

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