Ads4BTC Earn Free Bitcoin Watching Ads

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Ads4BTC Earn Free Bitcoin Watching Ads

Since our review a year ago, we learned it was the easiest way to get free bitcoin. It agglomerated several bitcoin faucets into an easy to use website. is now defunct. So we began to search for an equally easy and simple way to earn free bitcoin.

Bitcoin Faucets are Dead, Watching Ads is Way Easier

Ads4btc is our new favorite free bitcoin website. It is a pay to click website where registered users simply login and get a list of ads to watch for free bitcoin. Every ad viewed through the site earns money of varying amounts. Ad length varies from 5 seconds to 200 seconds. Most free bitcoin websites pay out during

To create an account go to Ads4btc and fill out the form. No confirmation email means that you can start earning right after finishing the sign-up form.

ads4btc free bitcoin faucet

Our list of a day’s ads to watch. Totaling 1120 satoshi.

How much bitcoin does Ads4BTC pay out?

Ads4BTC pays varying amounts of bitcoin, measured in satoshi. In one day I was able to earn 0.00002120 Bitcoin in my first login after a couple minutes. This is much more than a typical faucet, with no captchas required! Bitcoin faucets typically pay way less, have a complicated system of claiming, including slow websites littered with ads.

Ads4BTC only has ads in the view ads section! Bitcoin faucets typically have ads everywhere!

Ads4btc Payout for Each Ad
  • 5 second ads: 90 satoshi
  • 10 second ads: 300 satoshi
  • 20 second ads: 900 satoshi
  • Various bonus ads show up and range much higher, maximum ad length is 90 seconds!

Benefits of Ads4BTC over bitcoin faucets

  • Earn at least a 1000 satoshi ever day
  • Sustainable company: Since advertisers pay to post their ads on the site, the bitcoin payout is guaranteed
  • No endless links like bitcoin faucets
  • Simple

Bad parts of Ads4BTC

  • Ads can only be clicked once a day
  • Must wait 24 hours for new ads once all ads are clicked

There are currently two payment methods for Ads4BTC

  • Directly to your Bitcoin wallet – Minimum of 0.001 BTC (our recommended option)
  • To your Micro Wallet – Minimum of 0.0001 BTC
  • Learn more about Paytoshi here: (We know nothing about paytoshi, do your due dilligence)


Ads4BTC sells advertising at an affordable rate to up and coming companies so they can promote their business to real, human Bitcoin users at low CPC (Cost per Click) rates. Ads4BTC keeps some bitcoin then gives the rest to those who view the ads. We’ve come across some interesting bitcoin websites We ensure high quality Bitcoin traffic by various security measures and anti-cheat protection. Truly the best way of Bitcoin marketing!

CRYPTOCROOKS VERDICT: Ads4BTC provides an easy way to earn free bitcoin on a simple to use website. Quick registration allows users to start earning right away.

Cryptocrooks bitcoin Scam

CryptoCrooks Recommended

Sign up for ads4btc here to earn free bitcoin by watching ads, without annoying faucets!

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  • Features - 7/10
  • Ease of Use - 8.5/10
  • Reliability - 9.2/10

Limited ads, but trusted payouts

Features 7/10
Limited number of ads every day makes the site limited. Exposure to new bitcoin websites is my favorite part, we have found many interesting sites to research if they’re worth investing in.
Ease of Use 8.5/10
Ads4btc has a confusing layout takes some getting used to. Nothing special, just a tad confusing with all the graphs and bs.
Reliability 9.2/10
Ads4btc has high advertising revenue meaning payouts will be made once the threshold for payout is hit. There is nothing that we found that would point this site to being a scam.

    Ads4btc is the only Pay to Click (PTC) bitcoin website we use

. Typically we prefer faucets, but ads4btc’s brillance is showing cool bitcoin websites while giving the viewer free bitcoin!

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