3 Most Popular Uses for DeFi (Decentralized Finance)


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DeFi Protocols are Booming!

Uses for Defi, or Decentralized financing utilize cryptocurrency and blockchain technology to automate transactions via smart contracts. Decentralized Finance intends to equalize finance by replacing a reliance on centralized establishments with peer-to-peer relationships that can supply a complete range of financial services. This includes:

  • Interest bearing accounts
  • Exchanges and Marketplaces
  • Synthetic Assets
  • Leverage
  • NFTs
  • as well as home mortgages, to complex property trading and contractual partnerships.

Many crypto users only utilize a fraction of the potential for DeFi. We will look into the 3 most popular uses for DeFi and the popular platforms for this.

Decentralized Exchanges (DEXes)

3 most popular uses for DeFi
3 of the most popular uses for DeFi

DeFi challenges this centralized monetary system by disempowering intermediaries as well as gatekeepers, as well as empowering day-to-day people using peer-to-peer exchanges. Trading securities requires multiple intermediaries. Crypto DEXes attempt to reduce the reliance on intermediates with the reliance on pools. The most common protocol is uniswap, 1inch, and sushiswap.

SushiSwap DEX

Here’s how that might play out. Today, you could put your savings in an internet savings account, and make a 0.50% interest rate on your cash. The financial institution after that reverses as well as provides that cash to another customer at a 3% rate of interest and pockets the 2.5% profit. With DeFi, people offer their savings straight to others, removing that 2.5% profit loss as well as earning the complete 3% return on their money.

Borrowing/Lending (Leverage)

Blockchain, as well as cryptocurrency, are the core technologies that make it possible for decentralized finance. Borrowing and lending is another TradFi service being brought onto DeFi and is among the most popular uses for DeFi.

When you make a purchase in your standard checking account, it’s recorded in an exclusive journal, your financial purchase background, which is owned and taken care of by large banks. Blockchain is a decentralized, distributed public journal where financial purchases are recorded in computer code.

Supporters of DeFi assert that the decentralized blockchain makes financial deals safe and more transparent than the private, nontransparent systems employed in centralized financing.

For more on lending and borrowing, check out TokenTax’s guide to the 7 Best Crypto Lending Platforms.

DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations)

DeFI is making its means into a wide variety of basic as well as complicated economic purchases. It’s powered by decentralized applications called “dapps,” or other programs called “procedures.” Dapps, as well as protocols, deal with transactions in both primary cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, or BTC, as well as Ethereum, or ETH.

DAI – Maker DAO

The Maker DAO is the one of the most infamous and utilized DAO on Ethereum. It targets to provide enough collateral in a locked account to stabilize the price of DAI, which attempts to be pegged to $1 USD.

We see that the smart contract technology integrating into DeFi allows users to harness the power of traditional financial systems without an intermediary. Participate in DAOs allowing voting rights and participation in various projects, and the ability to trade between various cryptocurrency on decentralized exchanges. The usefulness of this technology is evident and we will continue to see an ecosystem being created to allow users to participate in this new digital economy.

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