Month: September 2017

cryptocurrency vs traditional investments

Cryptocurrency vs Traditional Investments

Bitcoin is a Revolution in Investments Bitcoin and most cryptocurrencies have outperformed most market expectations this year. This has led to an increased interest for investors. It is hard to ignore that Bitcoin more than doubled in 2017.  This article serves to illustrate the primary advantages and disadvantages between investing in cryptocurrency versus traditional investments. Even …

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btc-e seized federal government

BTC-E Seized by Federal Government

BTC-E Seized BTC-E has long been a recognized as an exchange with shady beginnings. No one publically came forward as running it, there was uncertainty about it’s location, among many other issues. In a long string of exposing events, the US federal governments and several agencies have seized the domain. Federal Probe into Alleged Exchange …

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Trezor Review: Cutting Edge Hardware Wallet

Securing your Bitcoin is Essential, Trezor Makes it Easy The popularity of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies has increased sharply over the recent years. Because of the increased attention Bitcoin is quickly becoming a target for cybercriminals. It is for this reason that we must remain vigilant with regard to our Bitcoins and take all necessary …

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How to Earn with Bitcoin

Go from rags to riches by learning how to earn Bitcoin online So, you have done your mining, maybe you sold some valuable stuff you didn’t need in exchange for Bitcoin, or perhaps you just bought some BTC with your hard-earned cash. How you got it is not the issue here. The issue here now …

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