Month: July 2017

best cryptocurrency investment 2017

Best Cryptocurrency Investments: 2017

Best Cryptocurrency Investments: 2017 Today, technological advancement has brought us to a point where we have electronically generated currencies, known as cryptocurrencies. Unlike all the currencies in the world, cryptocurrencies are neither printed nor controlled by a single government and are used all over the world. Bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency ever, was invented by Satoshi …

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July 31 Death of Bitcoin

July 31 Could be the Death of Bitcoin, Here’s Why:

Will July 31 Be the Death of Bitcoin? The Bitcoin network will find itself as a crucial crossroads come July 31st. This monumental day in the history of cryptocurrency will mark 24 hours of potential network chaos. There is a small chance we will effectively see a network chain split take place, although everything is …

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Asset Bubble

Is Bitcoin a Bubble?

Bitcoin is the most popular form of cryptocurrency (electronic money) in the world. You can make your life much easier by using cash to buy bitcoin, which acts as a “digital asset.” The popularity of Bitcoin is such that all other forms of cryptocurrency are commonly known as “altcoin”, which means they are bitcoin “alternatives.” …

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