Month: January 2017

best nigerian bitcoin exchange

Best Nigerian Bitcoin Exchanges

Nigerian Bitcoin Exchanges As mentioned in our previous article, Bitcoin demand is growing in Nigeria. During economic uncertainty, people are looking outside of local Nigerian bonds and currency to store value, and Bitcoin searches have tripled in Nigeria. These are the most popular and reputable, Nigerian Bitcoin Exchanges. Nigeria is a market with over 177 million …

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coinbase pros and cons

How Coinbase can Save or Break Bitcoin

Coinbase is making waves in the cryptocurrency community, both good and bad. Coinbase has been criticized as being overly stringent for new customers with restrictive accounts and withdraw protocols. On the other hand Coinbase has brought Bitcoin to a new mass of people. Coinbase doesn’t Really Care About Bitcoin Coinbase is like any other exchange, …

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Bitcoin price 2017 record

Bitcoin Set to Have Best Year in 2017

Will 2017 Be Bitcoin’s Best Year? Bitcoin is going to go up, not only to our own surprise, but to everyone’s. We say this because we have faith in Bitcoin, but the tremendous gains are evident of something greater happening. As the public becomes more informed of Bitcoin, people are purchasing more of it. It …

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