Month: December 2015

Bitfinex BitLicense Bans Unlicensed NYS Residents

Bitfinex Bans New York State Residents due to BitLicense Bitfinex has been one of our favorite exchanges due to it’s trader friendly nature. Features like margin funding, advanced trading features and other such things we’ve covered in our article here. These features allow an advanced trader to trade upon Bitcoin price speculation. Recently, Bitfinex has banned New York …

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2015: The Fall of Cloud Mining? Aside from a childish obsession with printing money, bitcoin mining is fascinating. Despite the collapse of many bitcoin mining companies in 2015, our interest in bitcoin cloud mining hasn’t faded. Many reputable companies, such as one we were looking to purchase from, Cointerra, filed for bankruptcy earlier this year. 2015 has been … Cloud Mining Certainly Scam? Read More » cloud mining

CEX.IO Cloud Mining Halts

CEX.IO Temporarily Suspends Cloud Mining What a great deal for If we initially trusted our money on CEX believing we could have made our money back in 4 months on about 1000$. The main thing is never pay to have your money given back to you without interest, a bank seems like a better …

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Bitfinex Review

How to: Collect Passive Income with Bitfinex The team here at Crypto Crooks have begun to use another Bitcoin exchange as part of our overall strategy. We’re using a few exchanges to trade with, one of them being Bitfinex. Built into the Bitfinex exchange is the ability to trade Bitcoins on margin and lend out Bitcoins and …

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How to: Invest in Bitcoin Ponzi Schemes

Bitcoin’s “Bad Press” The infamous Ponzi scheme has remained inseparable from Bitcoin. Although Bitcoin is having a tough time pulling away from its troubled past. It is quite apparent these operations have been associated with bitcoin since “the media” has started to cover it. The media continuously paints bitcoin’s bad news. Since the collapse of MtGox, public trust in the cryptocurrency has continued …

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