Review: Scam or Savvy Investment? Bitcoin Peer to Peer Lending Review: Is Btcpop trying to do too much? is not another Bitcoin P2P lending system. They offer unique features such as: IPOs, bitcoin stock trading , pooled investments, and mining shares. This provides users with a place to fufill all types of bitcoin investments under one easy-to-use website.

Ever since it’s inception and it’s shiny new website, btcpop has garnered a relationship with the bitcoin community. To start, I found out about btcpop on a pay-to-click website, called ADS4BTC (Our review here). It’s a strange place to find a reputable website, and I called them out on twitter. I mean how do they really offer 5% on bitcoin deposits? BTCPOP is not an exchange, it calls itself a “bitcoin bank”, of sorts. It seems that everything BTCPOP claims on the website sounded too good to be true. It’s core is a Bitcoin Peer to Peer lending platform. So we signed up and were immediately surprised.

First Impressions

We would compare it to a more relaxed BtcJam (our review here).The first thing I was greeted to on the website was a giant chat box and a live feed of what people are looking at on the website. This got me engaged in asking people questions and posing ideas about where to invest.

BTCPOP was Created on 2014-12-06 it is registered to Lee Bartholomew. Their current registered address is: 25 Century House Menzies Road St. Leonards On Sea East Sussex TN38 9BB United Kingdom provides a variety of Bitcoin investments

BTCPOP Investment Pools

BTCPOP bitcoin investment

The investment pools are where most of our bitcoin is due to low risk and low management costs.

Investment pools allows users to invest in a variety of bitcoin securities with varying risk levels. Investors can divide funds between the different credit rating pools to diversify risk according to their particular appetite for risk. There are a couple levels: Trusted Investors, A-Rated, B-Rated, C-Rated, D-Rated, and E-Rated. BTCpop has a few different lending pools, featured as auto invest elsewhere. This allows diversification across all particular loans of a particular credit rating.  Additionally, there is a “trusted pool” which consists only of borrowers that a particular investor has marked as trusted previously.

Investment pools remain our favorite way to invest bitcoin on BTCPOP due to low risk.

Cloud Mining Investment Shares

Unlike other P2P loan sites, BTCPOP hosts their own cloud mining. This is offered through shares, the details of which change according to the date accessed, but BTCPOP remains as transparent as possible when dealing with their investors. Trading these shares are like any other stock, except that there are both maintenance fees and mining dividends. Like other bitcoin mining operations, this one becomes less profitable over time as difficulty increases. We have not bought any mining shares, as we don’t consider it a wise investment.

Buying a small amount of mining shares could pay off as BTCPOP buys more miners.

bitcoin cloud mining btcpop’s mining shares are available for purchase. We try to weigh all risk before investing bitcoin in cloud mining.

P2P Lending, BTCJam Style!

The most advertised part of BTCPOP are the p2p loans. It seems that everyone and their mother wants to start a p2p bticoin loaning service. It’s a great business for the service provider, as they skim the profits whether the person seeking a loan returns their investors money, or not. We typically stay away from these things, but we have reviewed some lenders on btcjam. The nice thing about BTCPOP is that some loans are backed up by collateral, which can guarantee against loss of principal. Their system uses a chat on the homepage where BTCPOP can talk to other members about various community members, discuss risk of lending, and anything else under the sun.

Benefits of investing in P2P loans on BTCPOP:
  • Collateralized loans – Depending on loan rankings, certain loans may have collateral, enhancing their reliability.
  • Ardeva authentication – Users looking to get loans must be verified by income, government ID, address, etc.
  • Insurance – Some loans are insured against default, this is based off authentication and loan history
  • Loan Volume – Third highest next to bitlending club and BTCJam.

Tons of Investments, Social Features,

Transparency is extremely important for any kind of entity that directly handles your money or facilitates it. has their creators front and center on their homepage, an active twitter, and a solid reputation in the bitcoin community. BTCPOP considers itself “a bank”, so knowing the details of the management, the location, all of its activities, and being able to audit the company’s financials is vital information in making an informed decision on whether or not to invest with the site. Doing due diligence on any organization that one considers investing with is crucial. We will post pieces of the information as we understand it but we leave it up to you to add in the other pieces to the puzzle.

Sign up now to get started investing with BTCPop

Cryptocrooks bitcoin Scam

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  • Crypto SI

    Great Article! I’m a small shareholder at POP, and think you have done a good job summarising the sites and its benefits. I’d just like to add that buying shares in the platform itself is probably the best place to put your money. JAM and Loanbase(bitlendingclub) seem to be intent on shrinking their userbase by using fixed interest rates.

    I will follow you guys and am looking forward to more interesting articles! Thanks!

    • cryptocrooks

      Thanks so much, we really appreciate your response! Follow us on twitter, and we’ll follow you back. Tweet to us ideas for reviews, we love that stuff!

      We have one account used by humans, and another setup to deliver bitcoin news from the finest news sources around the world!


  • lerizzle

    Yeh man POP is the best site for my purposes!! Currently has loads of great investors we just need to find the quality borrowers now.

    I also like Jam but their AI system funds all the scams under the sun, so no good for investors unless you enjoy giving all your profits to scammers..

    • cryptocrooks

      I totally agree with you! We have to update our BTCJam review, and break off a how to invest on BTCJAM. We are also working on a guide to BTCPOP.

      If there’s anything you can provide, let us know.

      Check us out on twitter and facebook, stay in touch!

  • GSS113

    Best part about POP now is the fact that they now can stake PoS coins (Within their list). So if you have certain PoS coins they won’t just be sitting their like a bunch of potatoes.

    • cryptocrooks

      BTCPOP has gotten a lot less active. It still demonstrates the power that cryptocurrency has and it’s ability to infiltrate previously fiat only realms, while encouraging “banking” to the commoner.

  • Andrej Ders

    Nice review.

    BTCPOP become much safer and easier to use after change of ownership. A of of bugs fixed. Verification increased. Probably best place to get bigger BTC loan at this moment. Number of reliable borrowers switched from different platforms. Quite safe to invest your btc. Just read what poppers speak in comments and start slowly. You may PM me I will be happy to help if you will join with my referral link. I also do own blog about investments. you may see what is my own story with btcpop

    • Nicole M.

      Hello Andrej, I’m not sure how to PM you here but I am interested in whatever assistance you can provide. my skype is nmchant:facebook , thanks!

  • Kaspars Kirsfelds

    confirmed SCAMSITE
    – when i started to feel suspiction and confronted admin, i got harrassed for a few hours and then they banned me for challenging them; google search reveals that many have similar feelings about this;

    also , they run multiple scam accounts at same time and work to pick people’s personal information and get hold of their bitcoin!

    their listings are fake, many at least from what i figured out – they manipulate listings internally and there are several persons working this scam in a team! at the same time;

    DO NOT PUT ANY MONEY THERE if it is dear to you; better yet, do not give them your person information, god knows what frauds they running with that info!

    • BTCPOP

      A scammer that didn’t get funded and going mad?

      • Kaspars Kirsfelds

        stop lying once, thieves…

        • BTCPOP

          Your loan for gambling what didn’t make sense wasn’t funded.

          • Kaspars Kirsfelds

            also, tell people how you create multiple fake funding claims among your fake accounts and your cohorts, in order to raise your credit-worth to fool other innocent third-party investors of your financial soundness; stop lying and stop scamming, i knew you were thieves through-and-through from the very start when you started to attack me from the very first minute when i registered! and quit lying – my loan claim became gradually filled, but you banned me access to my account so i can’t respond to my investors; shame on you! i can explain your bloody thievery schemes to anyone who is willing to listen and i will never forget what you did! and i strongly suggest any rational person stay away from you like as far as from a deadly plague!

  • cryptocrooks

    That is horrible, it is unfortunate to hear that. The site does seem to be less active. Things may be turning around soon with the higher price though. I assume you’ve contacted support and everything.

  • Holger Gundlach

    Thats not BTCPOP debt to you. Its debt from Lee Bartholomew to you.

  • Rishabh Sharma

    That was a very informative review. I got it covered on . Thanks mate 🙂

    • cryptocrooks

      Feel free to contact us if you’d like to write an article for us. Thanks for the backlink.