Blockchain Game Review: A Unique Twist to Faucets

Will Daniel D’AliensBlockchain Game compete with other faucets and overtake his last app, Free Bitcoin?

Daniel D’Aliens is at it again. Blockchain Game is the latest from his vast empire. It isn’t hard to remember how humdrum, yet frustrating Free Bitcoin (our review), was. This time around, his “game faucet” is actually… you guessed it, a game! I was excited to hear about it, as it was advertised in Free Bitcoin which I still do have on my phone.

Blockchain Game Gameplay

Blockchain Game is simple: align the block with the last placed block. Every 10 blocks there is a chance to claim bitcoin. Each time the player misses, they are introduced to either a video/static ad. This is annoying, but I’m quite good at the game, so getting to block 80 only has 4-8 ads, it’s only a couple minutes of time. There are three levels, with different probabilities of claiming: minimum, medium, and BIG, which correspond to the chance of landing on them. To date, I haven’t gotten a BIG claim, but I keep playing the game. Although it’s replay-ability is low, it’s addicting and I can’t help but open it and try my luck.

Unlike Free Bitcoin, this app requires skill to get to higher claims. The actual claim is still random, but the skill allows players more control over the claim amount.

I typically get to block 70 or 80 then claim. Which is typically a minimum claim, due to it having the largest spot on the claim wheel. I get 700 satoshi for a couple minutes of playing the game. There are more static ads than Free Bitcoin, but they can still really ruin the rhythm of playing the game. This may seem like a puzzle game, but it’s more of a rhythm game. The maximum payout is at block 100, which must be incredibly hard to get to. I keep missing the block around 85, it moves really fast. Like Free Bitcoin, claims are offered every hour, nuff said. There is a practice mode, but if you miss the block, you still have to watch an ad *sigh*.

Blockchain Game

Play for either iPhone or Android


The Blockchain Game’s addictive gameplay results in a satisfying claim everytime.

The Blockchain Game is a creative concept. Taking cues from those stacker games one sees in arcades, the simple concept draws players in. Although we might continue to try it out every now and again. Since there isn’t much replayability we can expect Daniel D’Aliens to innovate further on the faucet concept. A nice little feature I noticed about this app is that it connects with other Daniel D’Aliens apps, like Free Bitcoin, Abundance, and Bitcoin Aliens. Technically if you have all 3 apps, then you can claim 3 times an hour, but the claims vary. It adds up though, as I Average about 20,000 satoshi a week claiming 2-5 times a day.

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