Antminer S5 Review: Best bitcoin miner

Bitcoin Miner Review: Antminer S5

Bitmaintech’s Antminer line of bitcoin miners have constantly evolved since the S1. The Antminer S5 stands as a testament to Bitmain’s technological prowess. Using less than 600 W and hashing from 1.1 Th/s to 1.4 Th/ along with a simple setup, low noise and heat make this bitcoin miner suited for home bitcoin mining and mining farms alike. Will this miner be worth the coin?

Antminer S5: Leaps ahead of the competition

bitcoin miner antminer s5

Antminer S5 takes efficiency to the next and brings bitcoin mining back home. But will it shine?


How we got an Antminer S5

The cryptocrooks have always held a soft spot for mining, but for practical reasons, have avoided it a majority of the time. During a recent Craigslist

bitcoin miner craigslist

The incredible deal for antminer S5s on craigslist. such deal, much wow, so profit.

search in NYC for bitcoin, I stumbled across a unique ad. Typically people sell old miners, such as GPU rigs, or various knick-knacks. This time I saw a listing for 2x Antminer S5s at $150 a piece. I quickly crunched the numbers and noticed that this was a rare deal.

It was only natural to tell my partner in crime. We both decided it was worth it get them and do an antminer s5 review. We believe in journalistic integrity and that’s what you’re going to get!

We met a mysterious man named Yoshi in a small coffee shop. He was “short on time”, wasting no time plugging in the miner and awakening any sleeping customers of the cafe. Many people asked if it was a “bomb”. We told them it prints virtual currency. After exchanging cash with the owner, we were on our way.

A Bitcoin miner for everyone

bitcoin miner antminer s5 reviewBitmain’s Antminer S5 provides reliability, power, and ease-of-use in a compact, sturdy package.Bitcoin mining previously was a difficult endeavor. It required vast experience of bitcoin and how it works. With the Antminer S5 setup is easy to do with their companion video by Bitmain tech (complete with cool ambient electronic music to set the mood). I’ve setup miners before including the block eruptor, cointerra terraminer iv, GPU based mining, and CPU based mining. The process is simple enough with the video that even the most novice bitcoin lover can do. For our operation, we used’s mining pool. It offers 0% pool fees, anonymous setup, and is simple enough to use. On a side note, I couldn’t find a way to sign a message with my bitcoin wallet to change the payout and merged mining issues.

Antminer S5 Operation

bitcoin mining free

Our eligius pool statistics for mining. Shows the first money, then both.

Once the pooling information has been entered via the IP address login. It is easy to change the frequency of the miner, check the temperature of the boards, and adjust automatic turn-off tmeperature. Aside from the IP login, minerlink is fully compatible with the Antminer S5.

Antminer S5 Specifications

  • Hash Rate: 1155 GH/s ±5%
  • Power Consumption: 560 to 590 W
  • Power Efficiency: 0.51 J/GH
  • Chips 60x Bitmain BM1384 Gen3
  • Rated Voltage: 12V
  • Dimensions: 298 mm x 137 mm x 155 mm
  • Cooling: 1x 12038 fan
  • Operating Conditions: 0 °C to 35 °C
  • Network Connection: Ethernet

Bitcoin Mining Comes Home

Bitcoin Mining Antminer s5

Bitcoin mining has become affordable and profitable at home once again, but not for long. The antminer s7 is due soon.

Bitcoin mining hardware is tough to gauge as their profitability quickly declines. If you can pick up an Antminer S5 cheap, go ahead. But do your calculations first to see when your return on investment will be.


Bitcoin mining is no longer for those highly-knowledgeable of the cryptocurrency. With Bitmaintech’s Antminer S5, bitcoin mining has never been more user-friendly, easy to run and reliable. Doing due dilligence before investing is the most important part of bitcoin mining. As difficulty and electricity prices vary month to month, it’s important to calulate returns within levels of error. Although we won’t be using this as a source of income, our experience with it was please enough to recommend it as a bitcoin miner, for the time being.


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